Friday 12 January 2018


"Granny What's wrong? It's time to open the shop!"
Granny's voice is very croaky as she replies " That Mrs Mum has ..(. cough cough.. ) given me the flu ! I will have .. ( cough ) stay in bed for a day or two "

"Oh " says Bruno worried that Granny won't be opening the shop, she must be very poorly! thinking
quickly Bruno says  " That's fine I will open and run the shop for you!"
Granny breathes in so fast It gives her a long coughing fit ! Finally she manages to speak " You will not! You will ( cough croak ) ring your Uncle Alfonso and ask him to come and look after the shop while I recover !"
" But granny! "
" No Buts! ring him and get to school! " she hears some noise from the shop downstairs " and whose in the shop? "
" Some children! I thought you were coming down so I opened up !"
" Well close up!" says Granny starting to sneeze " go...... shut up and ring Alfonso "

Bruno turns away muttering " Uncle Alfonso! He's not my uncle ! I don't like him! he's just after our shop! "
Sneezing  and her ears blocked up Granny calls "  Pardon! what's that Bruno? "
" NOTHING !" shouts Bruno hurrying away.

Downstairs some excited Wichtel children and looking at the train set " Oh Bruno we love this train set ! " Yes we do " chorus the others
" We are going to ask Santa for a train set just like this one!"
" YES! Santa!" agree the others!
" Well I need to get to school and so do you, so come along out!" sighs Bruno

The girls start heading for the door talking excitedly about adding the request for a train set to their letters to Santa!

Jana stops to ask Bruno " If Santa cannot bring us a train set will we be able to buy one from here? "
" I expect so " Bruno replies " We have a couple and i'm sure Granny can get in another one after Christmas if they have all gone"
Jana looks relieved , she didn't want to not have a train set if Santa could not managed it!

" Come along we'll both be late for school if you don't get a move on!" says Bruno hurrying her to the door

Once the shop doors locked and a sign saying closed is in place Bruno turns back to go get his school bag. " I'm not ringing that 'uncle' Alfonso " he says determinedly " I'll think of something !"

After school,  Zak and Gloria return with Bruno to check on Granny , so they can report back to Mrs Mum, whose recovered from her flu, as to what help she may need.

Bruno sends them upstairs to see her, so he can get the shop opened for a couple of hours and catch some of the people on their way home from school or the station.

Granny is sound asleep , little snorts and snores the only sound in the room.

Mmm looks like she's been self medicating !

Zak and Gloria sneak into the room quietly and up to the bed.
" She looks very flushed!" whispers Zak
" Yes she does!" says Gloria " I think she should have the doctor call round!"

Suddenly as if sensing their presence Granny starts awake " W wh... HORRID !  PIGGY STEW!!! Poison me would you!"
Startled the pair start to talk over each other " It's me Zak !" It's Glory Granny come to see how you are!"
Blearily Granny tries to focus

" Out! " she says between coughing " Out! I've seen that film! Where's that hammer? Help help! Stew is after me!  "
Zak looks at Gloria in a panic!
"What hammer? what Film ? "
Gloria is mystified " I don't know . maybe she's a vegetarian? "

Bruno calls from downstairs " What's going on? "

"Nothing " Gloria calls back

Gloria walks round the bed and pauses " Oh she's been on the sauce ! No wonder she's confused! "
" Out " mutters granny pointing at Zak her eyes beginning to flutter closed " I can... still.. feel... my  .. toes.. you horror... ( snore...... )

Seeing Granny's fallen back to sleep Zak whispers " Sauce? toes? "
Glory just beckons him over and turns towards the door whispering " Come on , I'll explain it all once we are back home with mum "
Confused Zak follows Gloria out of the room and back down the stairs, Granny's not so gentle snores following on behind!



  1. I don't think Granny Fortuna got those weird dream ideas from her book (LIttle Women) unless she has LMA's Long Fatal Love chase tucked under the covers and that dust jacket is just to pretend she has been reading Little Women in between coughing. I hope she recovered soon from that awful flu. I wonder what Bruno decides to do about getting the shop open.

    1. I think her temperature is effecting her dreams ! and she loves the film Misery with Kathy bates :)

  2. Poor old Granny Fortuna catching your recent flu germs just at this busy time of the year.
    Rest, warmth, good food and plenty of hot drinks are what is needed for a quick recovery so not sure that, that is the recomnmended medicine that she is taking and by the bottle full.
    Maybe you've got some of your more suitable medication/s left over that she could take instead?
    Get well wishes heading her way!

    1. There is so much of it about at the moment! Yes I think a small drop of whisky in her tea might be a better option that a few bottle of beer!

  3. Oh dear poor Granny, she must be very sick indeed to be so delirious and to dream such horrible dreams! Fancy dreaming that she's being poisoned, piggy stew too...oh yuck!! How Horrible!!!
    As for her self medicating, I hear that a tot of brandy in warm milk works a treat...have you got any brandy in her size? LOL

    1. Poor Granny indeed to have such a terrifying dream , not one I'd want to have!
      Mmm some brandy would be better I think! :) xx

  4. Sleeping helps to get rid of the flu... but maybe she overdid the medication!

  5. Granny seems to be the kind of lady who would reason that if a little is good, a lot is much better. What a dilemma - I think Bruno could run the shop by himself, but then missing school is not a good thing either. And who is this uncle Alfonso? If he's anything like Granny, I think the village had better brace themselves. I can't wait to see what happens!

    1. Exactly , I think she was trying to hurry her cold along, so she could get better!
      I think Bruno could but these days poor granny would be fined if bruno missed school!
      Uncle Alfonso.. sounds very shady to me!

  6. Now I'm worried.... will Granny F recover? Dreams of such nauseating and violent things smack of more than a tipple of grog. This sounds like a major infection coupled with some sort of breakdown after reading, watching or hearing about something really frightful. I hope little Bruno (such a brave, determined little soul) hasn't also been exposed to this?

    1. Granny was very unwell to have such horrid dreams mind you all the beer didn't help!
      Bruno poor lad is too busy to worry about catching anything but theschool bus!

  7. I know how Granny feels...I have had a bad dose of flu too...didn't have any sauce or nightmares about Piggy Stew though :)

    1. Sorry to hear you had the flu but at least it's sound like you got off lightly if you did not get any nightmares! ;)

  8. Oh dear, Granny is clearly delirious, I hope she recovers soon :-)

  9. Get well dear Granny. We look forward to seeing you back on your feet though your bed looks very comfy. 😊 xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, granny needs all the best wishes she can get, that bed is very comfy, hopefully once she's on the mend she'll be willing to get out of it!! :)