Friday, 5 January 2018


Well by popular request I will continue sharing people's photos of their dolls/doll shelves this year , again the 5th will be the post date. So please send them in just before or on the day and they will be posted , any later ones will be dded to the post once received.

So first up

Aurelia , Karin from Switzerland's new girl.

What a lovely girl to start the year off.

Now here we have Carol from Canada's love ly girl in her Marilyn smocked dress with the last of Carol's Christmas roses.

Also from Carol is this photo of her boys playing with the new Mousemobile!

While over in the US, Steve's lad Luke is getting on down with the eight track player with the aid of Krakatoa .

Ursula's girl Uma is helping out at the Gnome house while her mum decided what goes where, when the time comes!

Here in the village Zak and Toby are helping take down the tree decorations

But this decorations refusing to move!

From Sharon , in Spain, we have a little group of Natterers out on the deck.

Thank you to all those who have sent in photos, they is still time to add more just send them in.



  1. Ooh, good! I thought the monthly On The Shelf was over.
    Lovely photos have helped cheer the end of the festive season. Will join in next time, laptop willing!

    1. I'd totally forgotten about it but some people asked if I'd do it for this year, so here we are , which is lovely.
      Hope you can make it next month :)

  2. What lovely shelf photos! I wasn't going to send one because I don't actually have a dolly shelf, but I see that others aren't shelf dwellers either so that's good! I've just emailed you a photo Dee!

    1. In truth they don't have to be standing on a shelf , they just have to be dolls who you'd like to share the photo of.
      Thanks for joining in, I've added your sweet little Natterers :) xx

  3. Another super Sasha Shelf Fix. Thanks everyone and a very happy shelf fix each month.

  4. Wonderful shelf photos! I especially like the photo with the 8 track player and I remember fondly those days. Thanks to all who sent in their pics! 😊 xxx