Sunday 27 January 2019


Well I am heartily sick of this cough and cold I have! It's made me just mope about when not working and instead of getting things done I've sat about nodding off in the evenings! anyone would think I'm getting old!!

So I've decided that today Sunday I'm over it ! I'm not giving it any more of my time and effort, It can wander off because it will get no more attention from me!

I need to set the ball rolling for this years Chat n Snap by the end of the month plus sort out what and who I'm taking to the Haggle and Gaggle and generally get things moving !

I'm due to have a DRY February... no I am not giving up the drink.... I could because I'm tea total anyway, so in that sense every months dry but no my Dry February is going to be no doll buying and since I totally forgot about the Haggle and Gaggle which is on the 2nd of Feb , I will have to allow myself no more than five purchases none of which can be a doll ! So I'll run my dry Feb from the 3rd Feb until the 3rd of March !

Due to this cold my crafting projects are still in the idea stages but plans are afoot!

I'm still admiring wallpapers for the hallway.

But I'm not in a rush yet, so still looking, I love the deep rich colour of this Sanderson paper but it could be too dark for the hallway.

I don't know about you but I always find I want to get moving on things when I'm ill and so therefore all that enthusiasm come to nothing because I'm too ill to follow through!

So It looks like January will have gone by with only the tiniest of things done! But hopefully February will sweep in at the end of the week bringing health and energy, so I can start getting things done.

Today, Sunday , is nice and bright but of course cold which is the best of winter days , those cold but bright crisp days where it's lovely to be outside for a while even in the cold.

 Since I've not had any doll play for a couple of weeks I'm putting on a photo of Liberty , my Pintuck girl and the first Sasha I ever bought. It's nice to see some sun and plants and know that we are heading slowly towards Spring even if it's very slowly!

So have a lovely healthy week ahead, I hope to share a report from the MK Haggle and Gaggle next weekend.



  1. It sounds like we're in the same sniffly, sneezy boat, Dee. Yesterday I pretty much did nothing but lie around and nod off. This week I'm determined to do things, even if I don't put a lot of thought into it, or prioritize very well. It's better to do SOMETHING, than nothing.

    I expect to have a dry January doll-wise. Not because of any extraordinary will power on my part, as much as I just haven't seen anything that struck my fancy. Plus, any Sasha or Gregor arriving at our house this time of year would surely believe that she or he had been banished to Siberia!

    1. There seems to be a lot of it going round at the moment! But I agree SOMETHING needs to be done before we waste away ;)
      It does help if there are no dolls calling to you or any that you really want to add to your family. I'm lucky in that I have all I need so only have to resist the siren call of one I didn't realise I wanted.. :)
      Thankfully with the new boiler we are nice and toasty at present!

  2. It seems Dee, like February is going to be a dry month for me too. I haven't seen a doll that grabs me for quite a while, and to be honest I should probably review my dolls and move some on.

    However, in saying all that, the first wallpaper does ... very nice and would look lovely on any wall, but I'm not re-decorating!

    Your Sasha is looking quite lovely in the garden sunshine, but she needs a cardi, the poor wee thing must be awfully cold. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. It does help if there are none we want !

      Luckily decorating is so time consuming that we'd only do it because it needed doing not because we'd fallen in love with a wallpaper.. she says .. lol

      That's was an old photo ,back in the summer, if it was taken now she'd have an icicle dripping from her nose!
      Hugs xx

  3. Sorry to hear that you're still suffering with the horrible germs Dee, but hopefully now that you've confronted it and told it where to will soon be gone.
    Liberty looks lovely, her dress suits her perfectly.
    I'm with you on the Dry February, I'm having a Dry January too :) No buying for me and lots of selling.
    Good luck with choosing the wallpaper, I do like both of those but thing the first one is nicer.
    Have a lovely week.
    Big hugs xx

    1. Don't feel sorry for her S! Dee's fine...she is as tough as old boots :)

    2. Thanks Sharon, I am heartily fed up with this cold now!
      Good luck with your doll sales and not buy any new ones, sometimes it's as if the dolls know when we sell a few and one pops up to try to snare us!
      I love looking at wallpaper :)
      Hugs xx

  4. Hello Soul Sister!! I, too am with you on the Dry February buying anything on ebay for me and just to punish myself further I am going on the British Heart Foundation's chocolate during February... It is going to be a long month!! Have a great time at the Haggle, don't forget tonnes of photos please :)

    1. Hello Sis :) I wish you luck with your no buying and even bigger luck with the BHF Dechox ! I could do with trying that but it sounds dangerous ! ;)

      February is the shortest month of the year, so it will all be over before we know it!
      I will endevour to take lots of photos :)

  5. It's awful when you're feeling so poorly and there's so much that needs to be done around you. Hopefully, like you, I'm over the worst of what my doctors termed a 'Nasty Cold Virus!' but am still staying inside in the warmth and resting/sleeping a lot.
    We had a bright sunny day here but with a bitterly cold wind so didn't even venture out to put the rubbish/re-cycling out into the bins today.

    Wishing everyone going to the H&G a wonderful time. Can't wait to see all the resulting photos.
    BTW, Can't see you, Denise, keeping DRY for that long! Personally I'd have chosen another month instead when there were no Sasha events planned!

    1. It is , I'd heartily fed up ! That's good that you are resting and sleeping and keeping warm.

      I'm going to be dry as the Sahara desert on the doll front... only time will tell if I'm right!! lol I would have chosen March if I'd remembered the H&G but I didn't so have to go with the flow :)

  6. Your photo of Liberty really perks me up Dee. A first Sasha doll is very special. I love looking at Wallpaper too and I hope you find the perfect pattern. I saw you at the H&G on Facebook and Alan’s video. What a great time you all had! Sasha friends are the best! 😊 xxx