Monday, 1 July 2019


Just a quick visit before it becomes the second !

Today is my birthday, so I thought I'd share this photo of me when I was about fourteen ! Just a few years back... cough cough... , my very clever daughter repaired it on the computer removing some old stains and folds that had appeared on it over the years!
How time's changed, this was taken at school by a man with a camera and printed on special photographic paper and now we take photos on our camera's, phones , Ipads etc and load them straight onto a computer , disc or whatever and send them to our families and friends at no time or cost.
When I was young, if you wanted to make a phone call you went to a phone box and paid your money! Now we can 'see' our families on our phones and talk to them live ! The world is a wondrous place !

Thank you to everyone whose sent me birthday wishes, cards and presents.
and Happy birthday to everyone else whose birthday is this month.



  1. Happy Birthday Dee! Twenty one today, twenty one today! :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you :) yes twenty one again, for the third time.. it's a good age twenty one ;) x

  2. Happy birthday Denise. Hope that you aren't having to go into work today.

    1. Thank you Kendal, alas I always have to work on my birthday, I did think this year i'd get the day off , having booked this week off as holiday, only for Paul's work to ask him to change the week due to another being off the same time, so yet again I work, but it wasn't too bad :)

  3. As I said on Facebook, I love this photo Dee and quite honestly, you haven't changed hardly at all! It's a great photo and yes, things are amazing now when it comes to technology, I used to hate that if you took photos you had to send the film off, wait for it to come back and then more often than not, most of the photos weren't worth waiting for anyway! LOL
    And sending letters to friends abroad took ages and by the time they got your letter, well the news was weeks old by then!
    I love how things have changed.
    I hope you had a lovely birthday :)
    Big hugs xxx

    1. If only that were true :) Those bright eyes have needed glasses for years alas and the hair's faded to the dishwater blonde but other than that.... lol
      I do love that you no longer have to wait for your film to be developed and then to five a couple that were actually passable ! xx