Sunday 25 August 2019


It's August , it's the bank holiday and its HOT!!! Not a sign of a cloud in the sky to give us a little shade! In truth it's too hot to even sit in any shade!

So too hot for any playing with the dolls, sewing, knitting, decorating or anything really, well part from saying to Paul about all the places we could build some shade for him to reply " For the three days of hot weather we get each summer ! "

"Global warming!" say I to which I receive the look.... you know the one where they are saying don't be adding any more jobs to that long list I'm not even half way through yet look!

We went for dinner at our old friends Gill and Tony's last night and marveled at their beautiful lush courtyard garden. I'd love a courtyard garden and did at one point consider walling off our patio area from the rest of the garden , having a big double set of doors to go into the rest of the garden but then decided I wanted to be able to see all the garden and worried that we could forget to actually go through those doors!
So instead we put up some trellis painting it black to go with the walls.

We started with just one central piece of trellis only for Rufus to be forever jumping onto or on occasion into the pond in order to leap across and into the garden when we'd shut the gates to stop him! So we added trellis either side to stop him.

we also added another piece of trellis to the other side, we need at some stage to add the last piece in the corner to match the two sides up.

There are small gates for when we want to stop the dogs going up onto the grass. Paul had dug up a golden banana plant to take to Gill and Tony's and he'd left it on the patio next to the sofa while I was out working.
Telling me later how good it had looked standing there ( he'd moved it over before I got home ) and how nice it would be to have some bigger plants up on the patio! 
I said maybe we could fill in the pond and he could plant that area up, which would also stop Rufus from dropping his ball and front paws into the pond and then trailing water back into the house! But then now I'm home again I like that we have a pond with fish and the eco system that goes with that !
In the photo above you can see some of the pots that Rufus has destroyed since his arrival ! But he is now much better and if we use bigger pots they may survive his rushing past at full speed chasing his brother !
So will the pond stay or go....

Since my sewing machine was still sitting on kitchen table on Friday I asked Paul if he knew where the two awning sails we'd bought were. We bought one before we bought the gazebo with the idea of using it to shade the sofa. However when we got it home it was not a triangle which meant the third point of the sail was out in the middle of the patio and would have needed a post to hang from. We returned and bought a second with the idea of  jointing the two together to get the triangle needed but then bought the gazebo so they were left in the shed.

So on Friday Paul helped me cut the two to form a triangle and then I sewed the two parts together.

It does give some shade but not unfortunately on the legs in the first half of the day but comes into it's own later in the day.
But at least it's better than no shade!

Well wishing you all a happy healthy week ahead.



  1. We've had incredibly hot weather for the last few months now, so shade here is absolutely necessary, but as Paul says, just a few days a year in the UK...however, you do want to still enjoy being outside for those few days too, so the shade is a good idea. :)

  2. I hope you keep your pond, I really miss mine, but the garden here is so tiny. Ray says we don't need one because we can still hear water (when the wind is from the east) asthe sea is less than 1/2 a mile away