Sunday 11 August 2019


Well what a day yesterday was! The UK was having windy showery weather, not usual for August but then not unusual for the UK.
I was working and traveled quite easily just getting a little buffeted by the wind and only seeing lots of leaves and bits of twig in some of the roads.

Paul sent me a message ,which of course I didn't read and so when I drove home I was almost within spitting distance when I came across a road closed sign! I could almost see the turning that I'd take past the village hall and home! But no a big tree , well loads of leaves and branches was stretched from one side of the road to the other! So I had to do a small detour down a couple of single track lanes, of which others coming the other way were also using, then crossed in front of the road closed the other end and was home!

To discover that the metal from our metal and canvas gazebo , that covers the outdoor sofa, was stacked in a tidy pile at the side of the drive. Once indoors Paul informed me, that he'd gone to see where they'd shut the road, so he could message me and when he'd returned our next door neighbour asked if we'd like our gazebo back!!!!

 Yes our Gazebo had completely cleared the fence and peak of next doors brick shed and landed a couple of foot from his back door ! So the legs are bent and it's no longer usable !
We had been planning on building a permanent roofed loggia in it's place because it is so windy due to living on a hill and being surrounded by open fields, mind you now it's not there I'm enjoying seeing the open space, so now not sure what we'll do and when.

Today I've been making the cushions for the Arts and Crafts child/teddy chair. I bought this gorgeous piece of Lodden fabric by William Morris  ( surprise ! lol )  a while back to make them from.
Then decided that I wanted to use a cord trim round the edge. So that's delayed me a week while awaiting it's arrival.

I found this cord which may not be quite long enough, for sale at a bargain price and bought it anyway as I could use it with the leftover fabric.

and I also bought this one in red which is a smaller diameter so I'm going with this one due to the size of the chair and length available.

I've been cutting out the fabric and the top cushion is cut and almost ready to sew but I cannot decide which part of the pattern to use for the bottom cushion ! The same as the top  or another section, so that you get to appreciate another part of the pattern ?
Unfortunately I am home alone so have no one to bounce any choices off of! Where's someone you can ignore when you need them!! lol
So I have come over to the computer to finish writing this post before I go back and make a decision ! Who knew it would be so hard to make one's mind up! I'm sure it's an age thing, years ago I'd look decide cut and sew ! none of this... should it be this section or that business ! and I'd be halfway through sewing them together by now, not still marking and cutting out!

This week I have not bought anything doll related but have managed to sell another couple of my non Sasha dolls, which is nice as it's freeing up space and bringing in some funds for other projects.

Although I have been very tempted by various pirate related items ! But so far have also managed not to commit to any of those!

Marks and Spencer , a UK clothes and food retailer have come out with a range called little Shop, it consists of twenty five food items that have been downsized for children to collect. Small packets representing  a food item are given away to customers when they spend £20 or more in the stores.

I shop in M&S quite a bit , because it's close to work, so easy to pop in for those bits and pieces that you run out of or if you want something different for tea or lunch. So this is a great freebie for me

Jennie is showing you the collection box that looks like shelving.

You can see I already have quite a few, as one of the women at work is getting them for me when she goes in M&S too, plus the staff will give you a couple extra if some earlier customers have not wanted theirs.

Jenny shows the box of six eggs.

Whoever thought the idea up was good but whoever decided on sizing was not! Jenny is now holding the bag of popcorn which is a good size for her but most is on the small side! plus they don't have a consistent size in relation to each other !

The popcorn will work well with Sashas.  Also there is a bag of cookies which I think will also work plus a couple of  other items. They also have a shopping trolley, way to small and a shopping basket way to big!
But I'll continue to collect the rest as Granny Fortuna tells me she gets lots of different sized customers in her shop so it will all come in handy ! I don't actually remember saying she could have them.....

On the kitchen front we finally have a door for the cupboard over the mircowave and are just waiting on some specialist hinges for the door for the cupboard over the range oven.
I've not bought the tiles yet as I cannot see the point of them sitting about until Paul' s ready to put them on, but hopefully it may all move forward a bit over the coming bank holiday weekend.

So now I'd best get back to that fabric and finish cutting out the pieces or it will never get finished!

Have a lovely healthy week ahead.



  1. LOL I had to laugh about your gazebo because the exact same thing happened to us except that ours landed on top of the roof of our downstairs bathroom! One big gust of wind and whoooosh!!! off it went! I'm glad no-one got hurt next door to you though! :)
    Those miniatures are cute but yes, it would be nice if they were more universal in their sizing, but great that some will work with the Sashas. They'll work well in Grannies shop though.
    I like that fabric Dee, it'll be lovely for cushions and so smart with the edging like that.
    Big hugs xxx

    1. Yes so glad no one was on their patio when he suddenly arrived!!
      The miniatures are nice and will work across a few dolls, which is good.

      Thanks, I was going to have it all done until I realised I needed a cord foot for my sewing machine!! So just waiting for it to arrive then I'l be up and running , excuse the pun ! lol xxx

  2. I couldn't exist without M&S Foodhall, so I have been collecting Little Shop and have all 25 (plus two trolleys for the toddlers). Although they are very nice and I like tiny things, I really think M&S shouldn't have produced them we really need anymore useless bits of plastic to end up in landfill, which many surely will.
    You are getting very arty/crafty in your old age Sis! Way to go!

    1. Well you being an Ice Queen I'm not surprised ;) Lucky you to have all twenty five already, I keep getting doubles or triples! But they'll work well in Granny's shop.
      Nice you are getting all environmentally friendly up there is the wilds of Scotland and it is true what you say , I'll have to check if they are recyclable!
      I've always been crafty... I mean arty ;) lol xx

    2. You can swap any duplicates at M&S Customer services (they have a box behind the counter you can look through, you don't need the wrapper but they prefer if you include the little collectable card if you have it , but they will take it and swap it without) I know I am now in touch with nature, probably because my house backs on to fields of cattle and about 140 sheep!!

  3. Oh dear, pity about the gazebo, we've been having really strong winds downunder too! Fortunately we still have all our belongings safe and sound. Love the Morris fabric you have chosen and both the cords shown are perfectly matched.

    We also have Little Shop in our Coles Supermarkets here, now on it's second round. I think both M&S and Coles are going to the same shrink place, we have exactly the same problem with scale. I guess having a range of different size dolls is an advantage, though I'd much preferred to have all the items in the same scale.
    Big hugs,

    1. yes it's a shame about gazebo, I have to agree about the fabric, it's such a great colour.
      That's good you can get them too, yes one size would have been nicer but we can always be creative with their placement! lol x

  4. Such a shame that your gazebo got totaled. Quite extraordinary that the wind could be so strong in such sheltered area like that. Love the William Morris fabric (as you probably could have guessed). Hope you are able to get the bag of cookies, though with Toby and Zak around, I doubt they will last long!