Friday 23 August 2019


With the Chat n Snap rapidly approaching someone in the family says he needs a ship! So he's been checking out the parcels that have been arriving this week... yes parcels...

"Wow " mutters Lucas looking at the small galleon that mum's left on the table in the garden " This could be a good pirate ship "

 walking round he decides it may be just a bit small and it doesn't have a skull on the sails.

Later he finds a different ship on the table ! This one's a bit on the smaller side !

But it does have a skull on the sails but also a pirate captain on the deck... waving a sword !

"Step away laddie" growls the pirate waving his sword "I dunna wanna make ye walk the plank!"
" It's alright " says Lucas " your ship's too tiny for me and I'd break your old plank!"
Lucas leaves while the captain calls curses to his retreating back " Come back you cur! I'll stick me sword in ye skinny bum ya ... " best not to listen any more.

Later that afternoon a cry of glee fills the air , Lucas has discovered yet another ship on the garden table.

He climbs aboard looking round, a little small but so much better than those others. " Yes this is the one for me!" smiles Lucas " now I need some crew "

He goes off and soon returns with a couple of companions.

Walter , Eric the viking's bear, who was lured by the thought of a trip on the water.

and Gertie , who appears to be tied to the mast " This is all your fault " she tells her companion, who is tied to the mast with her.

"Well that's not fair !" exclaims Aimee " How was I to know that, do you want to come for a sail on my ship meant we'd be tied up! I thought we were going for a cruise down the river!"
"and who asked ? " grumbled Gertie " Lucas! Lucas! that should have told you !"
Aimee sighs " Do you think he's got any biscuits? I'm starting to feel very hungry it must be tea time soon? "

"Quiet on deck" declares Lucas, to which Gertie blows a very long raspberry! Lucas tries not to giggle Raspberries always make him giggle. " Enough or your'll walk the plank "
" You don't have a plank... " Gertie sneers .. " Oh no my mistake .. there's the one in your head !"
Lucas is about to reply when...

they are joined by the other ships, what an armada of ships getting ready to set sail !Now I just need a pirate outfit and I'll find that treasure at that old Carrot Bean ! Lucas smiles happily .. I wonder if dad will make me a plank so that Gertie can walk it? ...humming happily he surveys his domain...


Armada over doing it? three ships! I know I know but sometimes I should not be let near ebay when a plan comes to mind! I'd bought the little wooden one thinking it would be great for Clara when she's older and I could use it for the CnS . Then I saw the little plastic on for £4.50 ! well she could use it now and so could I ;)
Then there I was on a search of all things wooden resembling ships when I came across the big wooden ship at another knock down price, so that was that ! I'd like to say this is it the Armada,  however there was the wooden ship that needed fixing and started at £2...... yes I cannot tell a lie, it's on it's way.... but think of the fun I'll... I mean Clara and any sibling will have in the future when visiting Grandee  , who has the most amazing things ! just waiting for them to reach the right age to play with......


  1. Oh my Dee! How wonderful that you found such a grand Armada of ships! I'm sure everyone will enjoy playtime with this lot, and I'm not just referring to visiting children. LOL! I can see these entertaining you and the Sashas for hours on end! :)
    Big hugs,
    P.S. I am curious as to just how big the other wooden ship is???

  2. That's quite an impressive fleet you've got there, Admiral Lucas!

  3. LOL You are funny Dee, you never do things by halves!!! I love the ships, they're perfect and will be great props for the CnS!! I wish I were going :)
    And yes, Clara is going to have a great time with this lot once you're done with it!

  4. Not sure how I missed this post but as I sit listening to the thunder and rain to celebrate 1st Sept, this has really made my day. Those poor long suffering bearesses! Clara is going to love coming to grandee's for a visit!