Sunday 18 August 2019


Already... but we'll say no more on that subject!

Today, Sunday , is going to be a sunshine and showers day, when the sun's out it's quite hot but there is plenty of cloud ,some of it grey, in the sky to bring along a shower or six !

Yesterday afternoon and early evening was a beautiful day, dry but with a breeze , we sat in the garden, Paul and I enjoying a cup of tea and making plans for the garden in late autumn/winter. There is always something that needs doing garden or house wise. Sitting outside looking at the house made us add repainting gutter boarding  to the to do list.
Everyone will know that houses and gardens are a constant source of ongoing work, painting, weeding , planting, cleaning , tidying the list is endless!

So yesterday I waylaid Paul ,from his work on the kitchen , to help me rearrange some of the items on the patio, now the gazebo's, gone the two bay trees which stood beside two of the legs, looked odd ! one just standing on the patio beside nothing and needing to be walked round either side.
Now they are either end of the fish pond, still not a perfect place but better than before. We also moved the new big storage box into the corner now it's no longer protected by the gazebo. Discussions were had and plans made re building a permanent cover over the outside sofa, another job that's already on the list.

Then again this afternoon we spent time sitting on patio chatting although the wind was much fresher due to the amount of cloud that came over, but did get the washing nice and dry!

Before we came back in

We finally managed to sweep the patio , it will need a jet wash when we have some time in a couple of weeks, but at least it's looking tidier.

I have to say that there is one part of the garden that always looks good, The Cloisters , even if it's not had any attention it just carries on looking good. Which is just as well as the rest of the garden is a Jungle!!!

and here's the proof!  Although this area doesn't look too bad probably due to the heavy planting there's not much space for weeds!

So it's been a weekend of gardening and house work ,so yet again no doll play , however I did buy a pirate ship and a couple of other items that I can use at the chat n snap and then save for Clara and any siblings that may arrive in future. Hey that's my excuse and I'm clinging to it! ;)

Have a happy and healthy week ahead, the next weekend is a bank holiday.. however I'll be working the Saturday , it's only the Monday the banks close, so hopefully a little doll play can occur then if not during the coming week.



  1. The garden looks lovely Dee, it really is a dolly photographers dream!
    I think you're right though; I always say that if you have a house, a car, or kids (and let's add animals into that) in your life, then you can guarantee that there is always something you have to pay out for!

    1. Thanks Sharon, it is a great place for photographing the dolls, well when it's not as hot as it is today!
      always! :) xx

  2. Love the look of your rambling garden Dee, especially the combination of plants. :)
    We spent yesterday, buying cow manure and other gardening stuff for a punnet of leeks to plant in the vegie patch, hubby loves them!
    Big hugs,

    1. Thanks :) we need to cover our garden in manure etc, it's in need of a good feed, to help everything grow.
      I love leeks too, we don't have veg patch anymore but one never knows what may return in the future ! ;) xx

  3. Your garden is so interesting with all its different areas, but I don't envy you the work. The jungle is impressive, the kids could play 'I'm a Sasha Celebrity, Get me out of here!

    1. Thanks Tricia. Alas we've ignored the work this year which is why we now have so much to do... maybe we'll wait until it all dies down in the autumn/winter and then just clear up!
      Now there's an idea for a future blog... ;)

  4. I know exactly what you mean, Dee. I love our home, but sometimes I feel like it's trying to eat us alive, or at least our bank account! It's nice to have one area of the garden that thrives without attention. Sometimes I feel like the more work I put in certain areas, the worse they look.

    1. Same here I do love it and the garden but sometimes it would be nice if it was someone else who had to do all the work!
      I'm sure they don't look as bad as you think :) x