Saturday 1 February 2020


So the second month of 2020 and winter is still trying to bite! Today is cold but Adam, who had been staying in the studio was more than happy to stand outside for a small photo shoot.

Adam wears his lovely tweed coat and although still in shorts, his long socks helped to keep the chill away for the short time he was outside.

Adam , who is named after that icon of the sixties Adam Faith , is living with me again after going off on an adventure a few years back, then returning home a year or so ago.

 To me he is Adam , but he is in fact a Gotz David in his original outfit minus his cap. Will he be off on more travels? who can say certainly not me ! However a button dropped off his coat when I went to take him out side, so I'll be re attaching that and making sure all the rest are well sown just to make sure we done lose any more.



  1. I well remember the Adam Faith era!
    Loved this later Gotz outfit as it had so many items to it when compared to some of their girls simple dress sets.

    1. It is my favourite of the later Gotz outfits :)

  2. Adam is a very handsome boy, I remember that he left but came back again....I'm sure he had stories to tell when he returned ;)

    1. Hopefully he'll start telling his tales when the sun warms the village up and he can open up to his siblings :) xx