Sunday 9 February 2020


And what a Sunday it is! We are in the process of experiencing the storm that is Ciara , which by the way is the same meaning as Clara, and tomorrow, Monday is our Clara's second birthday.
We were intending to travel down to see her today but had to cancel due to the extreme weather conditions.
Now I do like a good stormy windy day but this is one that could cause damage, so best to stay home and ride it out.

I spent last night finishing Clara's cardigan, it just needs some buttons, so that I could take it with me today but now I'll have another week to wait to see her in it.

I will give her the choice of ponies or cats but I just know she'll chose the cats as she does love cats!

Friday I received a Schoenhut doll that I'd had on a long layaway, not because she was expensive but more because I kept going off and buying other dolls! But finally I made the last payment and she arrived home.

Like all of these dolls , she needs a nice clean and a new outfit. I have several Schoenhuts with this face scuplt,108, it's one of my favourites.

This is Evelyn , my first Schoenhut, who is the same sculpt.

She is also one of the larger 19 inch dolls. I removed her wig to wash it along with all her clothes.
So at present she is wearing this wig....

 I think she looks best with brown /black hair, whether I leave her in this, change her back into her original wig or try and replace the original with the same style I have to yet decide.
Like all my dolls they tell me which name suits them and so it was with this young lady! I said a few names but nothing ! then I said Prundence and that was it, she was happy, so she's Prudence Merryweather.
She still needs a little more cleaning and some better fitting clothes but for now she's watching from the dresser getting used to her new family.

Well I need to go and do a few things, so I hope you all have a lovely healthy week ahead.



  1. Beautiful cardigan, I'm sure Clara will love it. Hope you don't get any damage from the storm. Pretty new girl, and I love the name Prudence. It reminds me of the character Lady Prudence from Upstairs/Downstairs. Perhaps the other kids will call her Pru, for short.

    1. Thank you :) We were lucky just a single plastic roof sheet off carport which will be easy to repair.
      I'm sure Prudence will get shorted to Pru by the other kids, they love shortening names :)

  2. Luckily we were spared the brunt of the storm here but my thoughts and prayers are with those who were so badly hit.
    Happy second birthday Clara.

    1. That's good to hear Kendal. Yes some have not fared well at all.
      Clara says Thank you :) x

  3. What a pretty and colourful cardigan, I would agree with Clara, the cats are great. I hope she's had a good second birthday, it's incredible how quickly the two years have gone, isn't it!
    Prudence is very pretty. I look forward to seeing her adventures on your blog.

    1. It looks better in real life, even brighter! you know now much I love colour!
      Yes the times gone so fast! Two already!
      I'm looking forward to sorting Prudence's look out and her joining the schoenhut family. xx