Sunday 2 February 2020


I do love a cold winter's day , I truly do, you know the ones where the sun is bright but the air is cold , with maybe a chilly wind. Yes It is cold but when that sun is out ,despite the cold, it can be glorious!

Yesterday, the 1st, was such a day, yes that wind was nippy but the air was pure and the day wonderful , unfortunately I only got to enjoy the afternoon as I was working the morning but still it was a day worth enjoying.

I have to say that there is nothing quite like getting inside, nice and snug and warm, on a cold winters day enjoying being with family or even alone and just sipping tea and knitting or reading. Some times it good to just ignore all those things that you should be doing or that need doing and sit back and relax.
It's also nice to now be one month closer to retiring! It's seemed a long time coming and now I'm wondering if it will arrive before I'm ready! Will it be a shock when it comes? Will I miss going out to work daily? I know I will miss getting paid! That will be a shock lol !

I have managed to sell a few things on and am casting my eye over other items that could go to make some space and get ready for the big stop.

Last week I needed to search out a box so Bertie could be readied to travel home to his mame, I left the box on the kitchen table and it's been infested all week !

The latest infestation is Saffy , who decided to spend most of the day in the box only coming out for food and a short wander around before re settling back down for another nap!

It will soon be Clara's second birthday she is growing up so fast! She chatters away and is into everything especially the outdoors , nature and animals. I wish I was allowed to share a sweet video of her reading a book that showed a difference animal hidden in a package that the zoo had sent upon the request for a pet, her voice when she says which animal and why she will send him back! is just so adorable but when she gets to the puppy , she goes totally off script and says " I love him Daddy , he's really nice " I can see a dog in her future !

It's also my eldest daughter's 40th this month! Yes forty I know, I adopted her when I was ten... yes it was so ....back then you could adopt at any age , not like now where you have to pass loads of tests.. I had a dolls pram and cot so I was in ... She's decided to have lots of holidays and trips to celebrate and is off to Iceland this month and Thailand next month and there are a few other trips planned.

I need to announce this years Chat n Snap, which I am really looking forward to, due to the theme planned this year, we just need to pull it off!.

The fifth will be doll shelf day, so if you have a photo or two you would like to share , please send them in, so they can be added to the blog post that day.

Well I'm off to do some or those neverending jobs that need doing, so I wish you all a happy healthy month ahead and a Happy Birthday to those you are celebrating this month.




  1. I too need to get back to sorting STUFF out after the Christmas break though NOT something that I enjoy doing without any adult backup.
    Wishing your eldest daughter and Clara very happy February birthdays.
    Have a happy 02.02 2020 day.

    1. It is a never ending task Kendal, I hope you'll get some help with it, mind you that can mean you defending why you need to keep it when they want to get rid! :)

  2. Happy Birthdays to your daughter and to Princess Clara. I too adopted Brendan when I was just 6 years old! ;) I didn't even have a pram, so I carried him around in a bag, he still managed to grow up alright! LOL
    Seriously though, how do our kids seem to be catching up with us in age? I was 24.5 times older than Brendan when he was born but now I'm not even twice his age, weird eh? ;)

    1. It was hard wasn't it to look after a baby when we were just so young ;)
      They were so lucky we had those prams and bags to lug them around in, or who knows what would have happened to them ;) xx