Sunday 23 February 2020


So how's the week been for you all? In my area it's been half term for the schools, I love half term ! The roads are almost empty when heading off to work in the mornings, so I arrive in half the time nice and early and can just relax while I wait for others to arrive before starting the day.
Plus it also means less customers because they are off elsewhere with their children etc, so as it's quieter we get a chance to catch up on things at work.
We are constantly being given information to read and then be tested on to make sure we are compliant etc and at this time of year when the powers in charge are setting out their new year goals we barely get a chance to catch up, so half term gives us a little space to at least make a start.

For those of you who are yet to be thinking of retirement I can tell you its a double edged sword.. mentally you have made the decision to go on a certain date but then things start happening and you start thinking.. I could go earlier... I could go next month... I could go next week !!!
That's what's been happening to me! When I said last month , to my area manager, that I'd be going in July and would probably put it in writing a few months before hand, she told me that when you retire you can in fact just say your going anytime!!
It seems another member of staff ,a few years back, decided that due to some big changes happening at that time, that she didn't want to have to train for , said to her that she wanted to leave now! as in at the end of that week, so the area manager phoned HR believeing that a months notice at least needed to be given, only to be told no! if she's retiring she can in fact just decide to stop ! So she did !

Now I want to get to July before I leave but it will depend on how things go ... watch this space...

For the third weekend in a row we have had heavy rainfall and gale force winds for the weekend, although this weekend's weather as not been given a name. Luckily the worse of it around here was overnight and into this morning. The day is bright and blustery with fast moving white clouds.
Spring must be on it's way as my mind re the garden is starting to come out of hibernation and where as I have admired most of it from the safety of the french doors, I'm now starting to venture past the studio and into the rest of the garden, with thoughts of cutting back and clearing up appearing!
Fresh green shoots are starting to appear and those early daff's and primroses are adding their colours to barren area's.

These crocuses are adding a splash of purple to the raised garden. We need to plant more bulbs in this raised bed later in the year ready for next year.

Violet and Sapphire's garden shed awaits the warmer weather and their attention. They are still asking after a greenhouse but may have to settle for using a part of ours.

On the doll front, I have sold another non sasha doll but still need to be hard and add on some more dolls to be adopted.
The only things I have bought dollwise, is one outfit and a wooden table, even I am amazed at my willpower !
There is only one doll I would like to get, if I can, before I retire and she's a very pricy one, so whether I do remains to be seen. But wanting to add her to my collection is helping to stop me wasting money on other cheaper dolls.

And on that note I'm off to look at things to sell to make some space and add funds to the wanted doll fund, have a lovely healthy week ahead.



  1. Trusting that everything goes to your plan then.
    Unfortunately I had to take early retirement through ill health, such a shame for me as I still felt that I wanted to continue to teach for quite some more years.

    Still thinking of and praying for all those poor folks who had their homes and work/life interrupted by the two recent storms but even sadder to read/hear that they are still planning on building hundreds of new houses on our flood plains. When will we ever learn?

    1. I just hope I make it till July and don't just decide to jack it in earlier!
      There is so much happening at the moment but yes if you build on flood plains it's not a good idea !

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the bank compliance trainings, and at my bank everyone has to take the same ones, regardless of whether or not they have anything to do with your actual job. It's great to see some greenery poking out of the ground. We have a ways to go here, but at least the days are noticeably longer.

    1. Isn't it so annoying having to do even the ones that don't relate to your job! I get suspicious that they have long term plans to make us start doing that job along side the ones we already do! That's why I need to escape... :)
      Bring on the green is what I say, we all need the glimmer of hope...

  3. I hope that you're able to last out to the summer at the bank without too much hassle, but completely understand that feeling of wanting to go sooner....I felt like that when I was being made redundant!
    Nice to see the flowers coming up in your garden!

    1. I do too Sharon, I really need to work until July but it's getting harder day by day... :) xx