Monday 6 September 2021


 Yes I am back ! Not that I really left, just had a break from blogging on this my Sasha site. One of the things I have been doing , is sorting out my doll studio.

I was also looking in there and also in the house for something I have put away safely, so I could find when I needed to! Yes exactly ! No such luck ! I may have to consider putting in CCTV , in the studio and in the house, to follow me around during the day , so I can look back and see just where that safe place  was !

In June, while looking for something else I found a small cloth bag to a doll I'd sold, along with some doll certificates. I took the cloth bag indoors and a couple of days later contacted the person who had bought the doll from me, said I'd found the bag and would send it on. Simple.....

No ! I then could not find the bag! I eventually found it last week and sent it on almost two months  after I'd told the lady I had found it! Where was it, almost in plain sight! In with the large envelopes I use to send off smaller items ! Now if I could just find the two small envelopes with the certs in , that I remember putting in a drawer then deciding that was not a good place and moving to.....??????

Maybe I need a really BIG box labelled Safe place.....but then I'd but that in a safe place.....

But I have been sorting out things in the studio and despite moving things and finding places for other items, I still have just too much stuff about. I have quite a few plastic storage boxes, that when I went through them , I kept finding a mix of dolls clothes, especially the Sasha's ! Since I only change my dolls about once a year , it seems stupid to have so much.

So I have spent the last few days selling Sasha clothes on the Fb Sasha Bazaar , my sales page and also eBay. It's so far made the tiniest of dents in the piles and piles of clothing but at least some have been sent off to new homes! I will be continuing to list until I clear enough to make a difference or get fed up !!

I have also been selling some dolls, one of which was Ruby Red the newest Velvet. I decided that triplets would just be too much and unlike a real mum ,who would just have just get a grip, I put her up for adoption and she was soon off to a new home.

In fact a couple of Sasha's have gone along with a fair few other non Sasha dolls ! It's almost been a bloody bath with the amount of dolls being listed for sale. I wouldn't mind if I could see space appearing but it's still over crowded in places.

I'm even starting on some of the furniture and props ! I'm still trying to find that floor!

This american girl chair , that doesn't go with anything else furniture wise, is on my sale page and the poor girl sitting on it, is already on her way to her new mum. 

So the cull will continue until the balance is right , however I may get sidetracked since I need to start using the studio for what it was intended for which is story telling. 

Wishing you all a happy healthy week ahead.


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