Sunday, 19 September 2021


 Yes it's Sunday ! The week weather wise has been lovely, nice and dry with some sun but not too hot.

We have spent the week working on and off in the garden and today, Sunday Paul has finally finished putting in the side fencing! We totted up and realised that it's 100 feet of fencing and fence posts he's put in since he started back in April. 

He put in the six across the flower garden , then we had to wait to try and get the concrete posts, which are not available for love nor money anywhere at present, so we finally gave up trying and bought wooden posts with metal spiked holder, then Paul started again.

So after getting another ten panels delivered at the end of August, he started cutting back all the overhanging trees from our neighbours garden and putting in the fencing.

From the greenhouse looking back. The fence looks higher than our ground level because we live on a hill, so our neighbour on that side's ground level is where the fence is. On our side is a raised bed which due to the overhanging branches and the need to be able to get to them to chop them back , the raised bed was only planted with Epimedium , a pretty spring flowering ground cover. But now we will dig in some of our compost and plant up with Hydrangea's and other flowering shrubs.

So still plenty to do.

I have also spent a bit of time reading, which stops me getting on with as much as I should, if the book's good I hate to put it down for too long!

The chat n snap is now approaching and there are some lovely sales tables and a nice amount of people down to attend, it will be a simple affair this year , but I think it's enough that we will be finally able to get together and have a good old chat.

On the doll front, another doll has sold and one I bought a while back , non Sasha , arrived. I still have to sort out more props etc that I can start getting rid of to make more space but I have spent more time outside than in, so not been near the Sasha studio all week.

It will also not happen next week as I will be going to stay with Courtney and the grandchildren for several days.

So I will wish you all a happy healthy week ahead 


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