Sunday 12 September 2021


 Well this week's been taken over by the garden! There is just so much to get done outside. We are putting in a fence on the side that is our responsibility , while we are still fit and able to do so.. well when I say we , that's a royal we , as in Paul is doing the lions share of the work with my help when needed. 

I'm more helping to lift panels in place and clearing and cutting up branches etc. The fence is now going down where our neighbours have a massive hedge, they are happy for us to cut it back as much as we need to get the panels in and in a straight line. 

This is some of what we are faced with !

and we still have at least another six or seven panels to get in. But once it's all done this area will be so much better and we won't have to keep cutting back our neighbours hedge. He's also asked Paul to help him reduce the top by around two foot, so he can manage to maintain it easier.

I could list the things that need doing in the garden over the coming months but it would take too long !and that's without everything we have to do in the front garden!

So we have ordered a garden shredder to help with being able to compost and decrease the amount of wastage from everything we have to do in the coming months. We had one years back with was great , so hopefully this new one will help make the job much easier.

We did get out to The Dog Fest at Knebworth on Saturday , taking Casper and Rufus along too, they met some lovely dogs and we also met up with our eldest daughter and her dog Bear, a Malamute , there.

On the doll front, a few sold and were posted along with a few more clothing items. One doll arrived but not a Sasha, another Roche doll.

This is her changed into one of the Sasha's dresses.

Well I need to get back out into the garden and move some piles of bricks from one place to another! So that hedge trimming and fence erecting can continue to happen next week.

Wishing you all a happy healthy week ahead



  1. That is a crazy amount of work. My time is coming. I did very little this year and will be paying for that choice next spring.

    1. It is but at least once it's done it won't ever need doing again! Yes the garden never lets you off the work just adds even more for next time ! :)

  2. So much work to do - luckiliy you fonud time to meet some nice dogs. And a doggy bear! Our Malamute, Obadijah, surely would love to meet that Bear, also!
    Here at RoRoPo, there is much to do, also. I have to liquidate our office and to clear the house there. And I have to clear our house a bit because Granny moves in - in December! We're looking forward, but it is a piece of work to do.
    So I understand very well how much some nice moments are needed while more work is waiting! You will manage fine, I'm sure!

    1. Yes but it will be worth it in the end ! she says !
      I'm sure Bear would love to meet Obadijah :)
      I feel for you with all you need to get done , something that you did not expect to do at this time in your life.
      I'm glad your mother will join you , someone will need to keep you in order ! ;) Take it slowly and you will get there xx