Sunday 30 October 2011


All the children decided to stay in and watch a film due to the grey overcast weather today.They were very fair and had a vote on which film to watch! They chose between three, Pirate of the Caribbean, Johnny English and The Kings Speech! ( which was Hattie's suggestion because her beloved Helena stars!) Naturally with most of them being crew members of the Jammy Dodger It was almost a landslide for Pirates of the Caribbean! Although Ben, Adam and Lara voted for Johnny English and Hattie and Mitzi ( who did not want Hattie to be the only one to vote for her choice) voted for The Kings speech!

Hattie refused to join them all round the TV even with the added bonus of popcorn and fizzy drinks. So everyone settled down to watch and Hattie decided to go for a bike ride round the garden.
Hoppit ( who was looking forward to watching the film) found himself sitting in the basket at the front of the bike.

She was soon bowling along.

At least she had agreed to wear a jacket but only because it has owls on it,which she loves, however she refused to wear the matching cream pixie hat, because it matched!!!!
She weaves her way round the paths.

"Look at the lovely colours Hoppit!"

She makes her way through all the autumn plants and shrubs.

" It will be November next week Hoppit! Do you think Mum will let me keep wearing my shorts?"
'Not likely!' thinks Hoppit ' Why can you not wear a nice pair of trousers? or a dress? Do you know the stick I have to take off the other toys? No you do not! Why just the other day I had to shut Brutus in the toy box to make him be quiet about your clothes!'

" No I dont think she'll let me wear them either" continues Hattie"mmm I wonder what Helena is wearing?"
If Hoppit could roll his eyes he would! But He would not change places with any of the other toys! secretly he loves her wacky ways. He settles down to listen to her  and enjoy the ride, he knows that once they've been round the garden three times, she'll sneak back indoors and they will watch the end of the film and get some popcorn! He can wait, she's Hattie and he loves her...


  1. Good on her, it was quite mild today and perfect for cycling round the garden. I know just the perfect trousers that I'm sure she'd wear...let me work on them this week ;-)

  2. Go Hattie! Go Hattie! Go Girl Go!