Friday 21 October 2011


I have finally started to dress my Sasha's in warmer clothing. To help me get a move on I decided to do a blog on winter kniwear. So I have been dressing some of the girl's in their winter woolies! The Jammy Dodgers refused , all apart from one, to remove their pirate sweaters stating that it had taken ages for me to put them in the sweaters and so I could wait until they were ready to take them off!!!

Hattie or should I say Harriet Bonham Carter also refused to change out of shorts and into something warmer and matching! stating " One (?) should not be constrained by the opinion of the so called ' fashionista's' but be free to show their spirit in anyway they choose! " Well that told me!!

However she did agree to button up her cardigan to keep warm and model a few of the hats she liked.

She likes the mutli colour's of this hat and the tiny bells.

Another mutli coloured hat with pompom.

A very christmasy hat and scarf. all by scueby-doo from ebay. The cardigan is by Michelle on ebay as snuzz1mich62.
 I did ask if Hattie wanted to put her bunny Hoppit down but declined, I asked Hoppit if he wanted to get down ? he just said 'Hoppit!' I was not sure if he wanted to get down or was expressing an opinion!!!

Last year I was collecting these sweater sets for my girls to wear for the christmas season.

These sets are all by Gill on ebay as bruno0199 I love all the different colours and slight change to pattern here and there.

Here is a closer picture of some of the different designs.

Here are the twins, Sapphire and Violet wearing matching sets with their name colour in the detail.

And here is a picture of four of the girls. Dusty in red wanted one without the hat because she says the hat makes her look boyish.

I will put some more winter woolies on tomorrow, which will make me finally dress the last three boys in jeans rather than the shorts they are still wearing!! ( shock! Horror!) and also the babies need some warmer clothes, but they are warm under their blankets...honest!.


  1. Girls are looking extremely warm and cosy in their woolies..I love Hattie..definitely not a slave to girl!

  2. Great photos. I like the tiny bells too. The sweaters look just right for a fall day. Love what you chose to pair them with.

  3. Those jumpers are really great aren't they, and the girls look really snug and warm in them.

    Got to love Hattie and her attitude!