Friday 7 October 2011

HARRIET WHO.............................

Toby was playing with Brutus in the garden, teaching him to fetch his frisbie.

" Now Brutus, listen carefully when I throw it You are supposed to go and get it NOT ME!

"Maybe it's the grass thats putting you off" says Toby " lets go on the paving and see if thats better"

Who is this? " Hey Hattie! Where are you going?" asks Toby as Hattie does a quick about turn, when she sees him.

" My Name is not Hattie " States Hattie.
" It is!
" No it is not. It is Harriet! Harriet Bonham Carter! After the famous actress!" declares Hattie...sorry Harriet.

" Harriet Bonhim who?" demands Toby " No its not! Your name is Hattie Owen! and why have you got Kirsty's reading glasses on?"
" Go away you horrid little boy" says Harriet angrily " when I'm a famous star you are not coming to my films"

" Yeh Well I dont want to see your silly films!! if you are in them!"

" You are a child that only a mother could love!" declares Harriet walking away
" Mum loves me" calls Toby angrily
" EXACTLY" shouts Harriet hurrying away.

" Bye HATTIE.....THATS HATTIE......OWEN...WITH AN OOOOOOOOOO" Yells Toby to Harriets back.

I asked Harriet Bonham Carter if she would allow me to take a couple of publicity photo's .I think she is getting there with the look of her idol Helena but still has a way to go.For one thing I have not noticed Helena carrying a Toy Rabbit about with her..but there is still time..

Looks like Brutus has deserted Toby.Whats that? you were worn out watching him run back and forward throwing and then fetching the frisbie! Shame on you Brutus...

Another day in the Village................


  1. This did make me smile...I love Hattie :)
    I like Toby's top..did you knit it?

  2. I would love to yes I did knit Toby's top but it was from Patty at sasha wardrobe who sadly does not sell any more. It is lovely and soft and a beautiful purple.

    I think we'll be hearing more from Hariet Bonham Carter!