Sunday 9 October 2011


get into their warmer clothing now the nights are drawing in..

Kirsty is wearing a nice warmer pair of cord dugarees,Nancy is in a warm check long sleeved dress, Mitzi is in navy cord with tiny pink spots,Claudia is in Vinatge sasha dungarees nad Lara is in floral purple cord set from Nellierose. The cardigans are by Michelle on ebay.

I do love this outfit and think it does suit Mitzi very well, if you click on photo you should be able to see the tiny pink spots in the navy cord and the pink and white stripe in the top. It is one of the very first outfits I ever bought for my Sasha's from a Lady in US who sold under Greenfinger? tag, she no longer appears to sell clothes for Sasha which is a shame as I have a few other things she made, all of which are lovely.

I also love Vintage Sasha as soon as I put this dungaree set on Claudia, she looked good. I am partial to the dungaree sets and smocked top with trousers sets. And her coats..........I love...........Oh that I should win the lottery and have all my girl's wearing Vintage Sasha clothes topped with a Coat! That's is of course after I have purchased my red haired 68/69 Sasha who would be top to toe in ' Vintage S' can but dream...

Well I have managed to change a few of the girl's, there are several more to go and the boys and the babies! It's hard work being a Sashaphile, I do not remember it taking this long to get my girl's ready for the winter!!but then there were only three of them.......


  1. The girls look warm and cosy..I LOVE Nancy's dress (who made it can you remember?) You know next year we should do a FROCK EXCHANGE for the kids...think about it...they get a new wardrobe for the price of a postage stamp...and us Sasha mums can buy other clothes for ourselves and more redheads...:)

  2. Nancy's dress was made by Patty at sasha wardrobe but I bought it off Shelly's site secondhand.
    The Frock Exchange sounds like an idea...remember to meantion it again in the spring...

  3. Aww! I do wish Patty was still making clothes (:
    Promise to mention the FROCK EXCHANGE in the spring.....I do love that dress..... :)

  4. Definitely a FROCK EXCHANGE sounds like a brilliant idea. I love the dress as well. I have one similar that came on a doll I bought from Shelly. It too was made by Patty. Is certainly a shame she is no longer making clothes.

    They all lovely and snug in their outfits. I need to get cracking and make some for mine. Trouble is I am pulled between wanting to Sew and HAVING to tidy and declutter the house!

  5. SEW....forget tidying the house :)
    You know what a demanding lot these Sasha kids are :)

  6. That's what I think I should do...just as long as I don't have any visitors of any kind it doesn't matter if the house is a tip eh? ;-) As long as the Sasha kids get some winter clothing...

  7. Spoken like a true Sasha addict :)

  8. All this changing of the Sasha Dolls into their Autumn/Winter clothes is putting me in rather 'a bad light' with my Brood who, in spite of the change in the weather, are still in their Summer shorts and tops! I'd better get a move on or else they will be shivering and 'catching their death of cold' and that would never do!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  9. dee....thankyou so much for the lovely compliments....all your girls look lovely .....sarah x