Tuesday, 18 October 2011


LAND AHOY! SHIVER ME TIMBERS! To Harlan and Zane from the Crew of the Jammy Dodger....

They roam the kitchen cupboards in search of their Bounty... Twix and Twirl but their altimate goal is the Barrel O' Jammy Dodgers , where they leave nothing but crumbs in their wake!!!!!!


  1. LOL, How wonderful...I better not let my kids see this, if they know both AS and Dee's kids have pirate jumpers they will want some as well!

  2. I am giggling as I type this! Do thank your kids for getting their jumpers on ..a fine looking crew...
    Harlan and Zane wonder if they can come over to yours and join the crew of the Jammy Dodger :)

  3. Of course they can join the crew of the Jammy Dodger! They just need to run round the garden singing loudly in a pirate type voice ' A pirate life for me' and be able to demolish a Jammy Dodger in a minute and a half!! :)

  4. That's fine then...as long as they don't have to drink a bottle of rum as well :)...I will get them to practice the singing...am off to find a dead man's chest...to put all their clothes in...:)