Sunday 27 November 2011


Today I decided to sort out a few things to put on ebay, trying to sell things that I no longer need or use for my Sasha's.

Early last year I bought a wooden bench from ebay that was for displaying dolls but I felt it was too small for my sasha's and so It has been taken apart and left to one side. Everytime I have listed to sell on ebay I have forgotten to do this bench until today.

You can see that has usual I was paying attention to the position of my subjects!!! I was using the girls to give idea of scale of bench.

I then decided to go and get one of the babies to put on bench to show size hopefully clearer.

Now I'm sure you are now thinking,what I realised once I'd taken this picture! Why am I selling this bench when it makes a perfect seat for the babies!
Which proves that you should always consider other uses for an item before you sell or give away. When I bought the bench I did not have any babies and did not intend to have any, until George made his appearance and now those of you who have read this blog know there are now five of the little devils..oops angels.
The only problem now is finding somewhere to put it!

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