Sunday, 13 November 2011


Now that winter is finally on its way and the days are getting slowly colder it is time to get out the long sleeved dresses! I do like the look of a Sasha in a longer dress with long sleeves, I like the studio style dresses and the dresses with petticoats that the lace shows below the hem. These dresses are so lovely and traditional but hard to find!

I have looked at ebay and very few if any are making the dresses with long sleeves or with the longer length and to find a dress with a peeking petticoat is impossible!!

Here are some pictures of what I mean , dresses that I have picked up earlier in the year or last year when you could find one or two of these for sale.

Now this lovely dress came from smpg298 with a sweet little pair of knitted socks ( and if you have read this blog you'll know I like the knitted socks!) I have teamed it here with a pair of boots and a hat. She is wearing a petticoat under but not long enough to give that little 'peek' which is a shame.

Now we have a dress by Patty , I was able to also buy the longer petticoat from her at the same time to achieve the look I was after. Here I have teamed it with a hat I made and some lovely purple boots by Ruth dolls.

Here is the same outfit but without hat. Not sure which I prefer.

Now we have a nice grey long sleeved dress with a check pinafore, I bought this at auction on ebay from someone esle so do not know name of maker. I like the look given by the pinafore .The white boots are from Shelly site.

Now here is another dress by smpg298 which I have teamed with tights and a pair of boots by Ruth dolls.I may have to get my sewing machine out and try my hand at making a pinafore for this dress and maybe a longer style petticoat, although it does look nice as is, but I would like to try adding the other pieces to see what look can be achieved.

This dress is by Nadia ( whose ebay tag escapes me at the moment) and achieves a good look with the plain material at the bottom of dress almost making the patterned material appear to be a pinafore and a nice bright mix of pattern and plain. Teamed with just shoes and socks.

Here is a Dolliepatch dress which comes with a petticoat and long bloomers ( I will do a blog at sometime on Dolliepatch) by having the petticoat it helps to give fullness to the dress and looks nice teamed with the black boots.

Yes I know you have seen this dress before on Sophie-Elizabeth! and yes she is still wearing it from before but this is what happens when you put your girl in an outfit that just clicks! So Sophie-E will be wearing this dress for a while yet...made by Nadia's mother and sold by Nadia , it to me is a little gem.It has the long sleeves and the length to reach the boot tops, the material is light enough in colour that it does not need a petticoat to set it off.

I have added picture of three of the girls together showing the slightly different look given by a collar here or a petticoat there or choice of material.

Just another picture of five of the girls, I did not go for all seven because one was bound to take a dive! and take a couple of others with her.This picture shows the range achieved with this style of dress.

It is a shame that more of these style of dresses are not available on ebay ( my opinion of course you may not agree) I may have to get out my sewing machine as threatened earlier ( my sister is probably laughing her head off at that statement) and start using all the material and lace that I have been buying to make clothes with, I may even have to look at some of the patterns I have bought!!!!
Well I'm off to lie in a darkened room to recover from all this pressure to start sewing..............


  1. Girls look super! I love your Velvet (is that Sapphire?) she really stands out for me in her dress...beautiful...

  2. That is Sapphire a very good model,SS

    and I will be watching out for the dresses on your blog Lorraine ;-)

  3. Really lovely girls and super blog Dee. Enjoying it no end. Love Sarah and her Sashas in Cheltenham.

  4. Thank you Sarah and her Sasha's in Chelthenham