Saturday, 26 November 2011


I thought I'd do a blog on coats.There so many talented people out there making lovely coats and jackets to make our Sasha's and Gregor's and the babies too, toasty and warm over the coming winter months.

These lovely fleece coats and jackets come from Karon's site Nellierose where you can find lovely outfits and other items for sasha and also all other popular dolls. But I must warn you it's very hard to come away without filling a basket and being poorer after a visit! And they are being modelled by (from the left) Ethan, Annie and Zak, who is about to go into hospital to get his stringing fixed in time for christmas.

Now here we have two coats made by Sarah of Vintage Sasha, a hooded coat in a lovely brown with blue and cream pattern and a purple tweed with matching hat.The third coat is by woodman which I purchased on ebay last year, she does not appear to have returned yet to tempt us with her lovely coats. I love the colours of this coat. My model's are Claudia, Evie and Dusty

Here we have Sophie-Elizabeth wearing a purple cord hooded duffle coat by Nikki at Sashadollstyle.Nikki makes these coats in her collection each season in lovely colours. So far I have only managed to snaffle this one.

Now what a picture! These are my friend Gill's gotz girls in the Ruth Dolls duffle coats with boots, socks, hats and mittens. These beautiful sets look so sweet on the sasha's ( and can be worn by Gregor too). I have a couple of these duffles but decided that putting Gill's picture on of Ruths full range would save me having to dress a couple of my girls and taking more pictures ( Yes such laziness!) but it is a great picture.

This is the first coat I bought my Sasha a couple of years ago, it's a lovely warm looking coat ! Yes I know she is wearing sandels but this is a picture I took in the summer, hence the background of plants!  and  I forgot to take one today but found this one on computer.I usually team it with some nice white boots.

Found a picture of Ethan in Duffle so have put it on so the boys are represented

Some more of Gill's girls in their coats. these ones by Sarah of vintage sasha, Woodman and Alexisofie.

This beautiful padded jacket is by Olive (Hagnolly on ebay) with the lovely pixie hats and mittens to match. I just love these jackets and the hats and mitten sets and so does most everyone else , they are snapped up quickly when they appear on ebay! So you have to be passing at just the right time to grab a jacket or pixie set.

Olive's Pixie sets come in lots of lovely colours.

So you can see there are some lovely coats and jackets available out there to keep our 'children' warm and snug this winter.Teamed with hand knitted hats, mittens and scarves,all will be snug as a bug in a rug!!

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