Thursday 10 November 2011


Yesterday I went to visit my friend Gill and I took along several of my red haired sasha's and also Duncan so they could have a chat with Gill's reds.

Of course I forgot to take my camera in my hurry to get all the Sasha's safely in the car without dropping something! But luckily Gill took a photo and emailed it to me. You can see Duncan trying out Gill's girls scooter, They were all very impressed! Duncan loved the scooter and wanted to bring it home!! But I had to explain that he could not always have want he wanted! But I know what will now be top of his christmas list...

Gill had also made Hattie a new hat out of a couple of the ends of some odd balls of wool which she finished off with some bright buttons, Hattie loves it and says she'll wear it forever!!! ( well until she sees something else that takes her fancy!)

Hattie is getting very spoilt at the moment! with all her lovely gifts.

While at Gill's I got to see her new Sasha , a 60's Gotz's slated eyed girl. When I first started collecting Sasha's I did not particularly like the slate eyed and I still feel that the saucer eyed sasha's have faces that only a mother could love...and the no nose also, however over time the sasha's slowly worm their way in and your views change and I have come to like the look of the slate eyed sasha's and I was very impressed with Gill's new girl and now have added a slated eyed Sasha to my wanted list.....

This is a picture of her Gotz called Tegan  in a lovely red gingham dress which really suits her.

So now I have a slate eyed Gotz on my wish list but she'll have to wait until I get the 68/69 red haired sasha , there are a couple I have seen and love but i'm still working on saving, it might be easier if people stopped putting such lovely things on to sell!!! but it will soon be new year and I'll be making that new years resolution.....I will not spend...I will save for red haired Sasha........I wonder if I write it out five hundred times like a school punishment if it may help it work?  ......Yeh Like that would make a difference!


  1. Love the hat! I knew you would come round to the early Gotz girls eventually...:)
    Good luck with the saving...we need an update :)

  2. Well what can I say the fund has increased by £11.10p three red buttons and four dolly mixtures and they're likely to vanish when a sweet treat is needed!!!! ;-)

  3. Well that is progress...ever thought about selling a kidney :)

  4. Surely you need more than one for a pie.....

  5. Giggle!
    You always make me laugh :)