Friday, 18 November 2011


Three of the boys, Duncan, Ben and Toby decided to go out into the garden all wearing their new beanie hats and joggers from Dollydoodles.

They are standing around discussing how their hats look like what David Beckham their idol wears! Now they are getting carried away talking about what tattoo's they'll get!!! we all know thats not happening!

Duncan and Ben decide to dare each other to climb the trellis.....

Benjamin gets half way before he realises that Duncan as stayed on the ground and is laughing that he caught Ben out!
" You two look like little ants " crows Ben from his perch on the trellis
"Come down" calls Duncan " we want to go and play football"

Ben takes his time climbing down the trellis.

" I may just never take this hat off " states Toby
'Mmm' thinks Duncan ' I can just see mum letting you wear that to bed!'

" Come on Ben ! Lets go find the others for a game of footie" calls Duncan as they start back towards the house . Ben follows behind keeping watch.....


  1. The boys look like real little boys :) I love Ben's shirt who was the clever seamstress who made it...fab pictures!!!

  2. I would love to say I made the shirt BUT I did not , it cmae from a very clever lady in US who sold under name greenfinger ? but she does not list clothes for sasha/gregor any more which is a shame her outfits were lovely.
    And I do think that the boys (everyones) in the dollydoodle outfits look very 'with it' was seeing Kendals lads in their group picture all wearing their hoodies and beanies that sey the trend....

  3. Thats supposed to read SET the trend.. oops