Sunday, 17 March 2013


Today Hattie decided to go to the the big local garden centre and have a look at all the goodies on offer for Easter. there was so much to chose from.

She loved all the reds, pinks and blues of this display.

" These flowers are nice, I wonder if the twins would like them? "

" What an amazing display " says Hattie

" Mm I wonder if I should get one for home? all those pretty ribbons and eggs dangling from the ceiling, maybe not Toby would only try swinging from them!"

 She stopped to talk to this little Owl and his friends.

" I love this big telephone blackboard and the little post box"

" Oh if only this mini was bigger!"

"This little glass house is sweet " says Hattie getting in for a closer look.

" I wonder why they have put this box tree in a glass dome? I'll ask the Twins when I get back"

" hello!" calls Hattie to the two lambs standing in the display " Are you waiting for someone to buy you?"

" Ignore her ! " Ewen whispers to Bertie " She'll buy you and then I'll be all alone "
So they pretend they cannot hear Hattie , so Hattie shrugs her shoulders and wanders off.

 She finds another much friendlier Lamb on another display and they have a little chat.

"Hey mum ! come and look at this table , It would be great in the garden for the summer..if we get one!"

" These are a pretty colour " says Hattie on the lavender display.

"Oh Mum ! look at all this chocolate!!!" Hattie cannot decide what to buy it all looks so yummy!

She helps mum pick out a couple of pots of primroses and daffodils to buy.

" This would be a good home to put all the Sasha village props " calls Hattie from a very lovely and very expensive summer house, Mum calls back something about having to win lottery to be able to buy it!

" My goodness what a lot of dog's!" exclaims Hattie trying to get round them " they are all over the place "

Back inside Hattie finds another glass house much bigger than the first one she saw.

" look mum , this would be prefect for the twins, it's just the right size "
Mum decides to take Hattie home before there is no room in the car for either of them and no money left to live on!


  1. That's a super garden centre!
    Love the lambs although think Hattie could have ridden on their backs, or they could pull a little cart....

    1. Rosie I was too busy taking photo's and hoping not to be asked what I was up to!

      I did concider putting her on a lambs back but there was so many lovley displays I was jumping from place to place.

      If there had not been so many dog's in the 'barn' I would have put her up on the cart with the pigs! lol

  2. Oh Gosh! This looks to be an even bigger and better Garden Centre than our Bridgemere World in Cheshire. Wonderful temptations indeed!

    I just adore the Easter Egg hanging wreath not to mention the two sheep and lambs.

    Lovely to see the paler coloured Easter displays instead of the usual darker red and green Christmas themes.

    Fabulous adult sized Summer house and the little glass greenhouses are really sweet and just the right size for your twin Sasha girls to germinate their seeds or keep a few tropical plants in.

    Adore the grey theme of the garden furniture (need a new patio set) and the very English telephone box, blackboard and mini car.

    Terrorist, Goldy and Foxy and your pet Sasha dog would I'm sure enjoy spending time amongst those other dogs in the farmyard.

    Talking of Easter I ordered my family's Easter eggs from Thornton's on line late this morning (free postage if you spend over £20) and couldn't believe my email inbox when within a few hours it said that they had already been dispatched from their warehouse... and this is on a Sunday!
    Was very pleased to hear this being a one of their shareholders. Might even be hope for Great Britain coming out of the recession sooner than we think if other firms follow suit!

    How wonderful for 'top girl' Hattie to have such an enjoyable visit with you....and now to share with us. Many thanks.

    1. This is a lovely big Garden centre people come out from north London and spend the day there!.

      They always do lovely displays in a range of lovely colour's, I could have taken so many photo's you would have all been bored by them!
      There is so much to tempt you there you could easily spend a fortune in a matter of half an hour.

      That is very good service having your Easter eggs dispatched so quick, I have not even thought about getting mine yet! and I should because Easter will suddenly appear out of nowhere!

      sasha love Dee

  3. What a fab post! And what a superb garden centre! Did you get any strange looks from other shoppers whilst photographing there?? Bet you did :)

    1. I was too busy taking photos to notice! But I do have a photo of someone looking over and wondering what I was up to!

      It is a lovely garden centre and also as an area with birds and small animal,s for the children and lots of pots and china and things for the home!
      A dangerous place for a lover of all things pretty and decorative like me. Lol

  4. Oh this is a fantastic garden centre, it sells such lovely things....reminds me of one we used to go to back in the 'olden days'. You certainly would need to be a millionairess to buy all the things that Hettie wanted!
    I loved the sheep, they're gorgeous and the dog ornaments.
    And Hettie looks so nice in her white coat.
    Hugs Sharon xx
    PS Ronny, I bet you'd have liked Hettie to get the Mini car for you!!

    1. Yes it is a lovely garden centre with way too many tempting items!!

      the sheep are lovely but what do you do with them once Easter's over?

  5. What great pictures, Dee! And what an amazing Garden Centre! Where is it? Looks worth a visit! That Easter Wreath is wonderful. Touches of East/Middle Europe there! They make a lot more of Easter there than we do here! Fabulous! And Hattie looks great. You obviously had a lot of patience, setting up and taking so many photos! Did anyone take any notice??? Probably not! Thanks. Cheered me up! xxx

    1. Thanks Karin. The garden centre is called Van Hages and it's just off the A10 between Ware and Hoddesdon.
      The Easter wreath is lovely and very middle eastern but with a european twist.

      I think people saw me taking the photo's but I was too busy to take any notice.!
      Glad you liked them
      Dee x