Friday 1 March 2013


Ashley on the left and Agnetha on the right my two no navel blondes.They have the two different eye styles of these girl's . Ashley with the full and Agnetha with the half.

The girl's are wearing Vintage Sasha dungaree's.

In the hope of encouraging spring to arrive , the girl's borrowed some of the twin's flowers from their greenhouse.

"Here is a close up of the.....what? ....come out NOW!"

"Explain yourself Mossy!"
" Well you see Mrs Mum I am in fact  a BLONDE!" Mossy says proudly
" You are not " says Mrs Mum
" I am so" replies Mossy " Anna said the other month that I was a BLONDE bear , which mean's I can be blonde of the month" he finishes with pride
" Well you are a SILVER GREY BEAR " states Mrs Mum " which mean's that you are NOT blonde and NOT a Sasha, which means you do not qualify....TWICE"

Mossy wanders off mumbling " your just saying that so I cannot be in the picture...I am blonde ...."

Mum adds some more flowers and starts taking more photo's.


"What? oh I was just having a lie down behind these plant pots! I thought you'd finished " he gets up at Mrs Mum's stern look and wanders off again mumbling all the way.....

Mum decides to stick to head and shoulder shot's to avoid little bear's getting in on the act!


  1. What a lovely way to start the day and the month of March! The saying 'Mad as a March Hare' springs to mind :)
    Happy Birthday to all those whose Birthday is in March. I am so sorry I missed Steve's in February (:

    1. And are you? mad as a march hare that is??

      I agree happy birthday to all those who have one this month, may it be wonderful and bring you a lovely new Sasha! even if you have to buy it for yourself!!!:)

  2. Just Lovely!!! On so many levels! Oh, I do covet the girl on the left as I look at the screen! And Mossy is adorable!!! C'mon Mossy! You want to be a blonde - you be a blonde! Being blonde is all in the mind!!! xxx

    1. Karin Don't encourage him, he is bad enough with out that! Lol

  3. Replies
    1. I am definately NOT letting him see these comments, he would be a bear with a big head!!

  4. Two more lovely girls....and that 'blond' fellow that sneaked in to the photos too of course!!!
    Sooo he's not quite blond, but hey, maybe he was in his younger days.....!!!!

    1. That could be true maybe he was blonde in his youth however that still does not make him a Sasha!! lol
      not that he listens to me...