Saturday 2 March 2013


I decided that my other two no navel girl's wanted to get in on the act, so they changed into some Vintage Sasha dungarees and joined Ashley and Agnetha by the flowers.

Unfortunately I had to take Raven my brunette out of her Ruth Hartley Scottish dancing outfit! which was hard I do love her in that!!

Here is a longer view.

We managed to nab some more of the Twin's flower's, just hope they do not realise they are missing!

I think we may have emptied their greenhouse!!

A final shot of the four.....I can see you Mossy!...five of them......


  1. LOL, it's going to be like "Where's Wally?" only with Mossy instead!
    Great bunch of girls, their dungarees are pretty too.

    1. Problem is we know where 'Mossy' is! he's trying to get in on all the first of the month photo's cos someone..told him he's a blonde!!!!

  2. You had me going there for a minute Dee - I thought you had adopted another girl (which would have been very naughty as you had had your quota of gorgeous girls this week with AV the NP!!)
    The girls look super in their VS dungarees!

    1. :) It's not my fault all these lovely girl's want to come and live in the village..
      who am I to refuse

  3. I was somewhat disappointed not to have been able to comment on your Sasha/s of the Month post as there was no space for leaving a comment and I adored Mossy's antics....trying so hard to get himself into the photo!

    So pleased that I can add a few words here as I really enjoy Hattie's, Toby's and Mossy's little characters. They just make the series.

    Four really lovely No-navel girls in their very attractive VS dungarees. What a fantastic line up.

    1. Thank you Kendal. I also have problems sometime's not being able to reply but usually I go back another day and it's returned!!!!
      Then I leave the comment.

      it would appear that Mossy's getting about this year who can tell where it will all end!!

    2. Have been back several times, as you suggested, but still no space for commenting.... and it can't just be me at my end as it seems that nobody else has been able to leave a comment either.

      I think that mischievous little Mossy is just so adorable and full of 'naughty but nice' fun.

      A wonderful array of flowers that those gardening-loving 'Velvet' twins are producing. Must certainly have the necessary 'green fingers.'
      Shall be expecting to see them on BBC's Gardener's World very soon sharing their tips for a super colourful garden display this summer.