Saturday 16 March 2013


Today I have tried a new place to take the photo's for this post due to the size of my lovely window seat and fireplace the space needs to be big enough to take them.

Mm looking a bit empty!

Ah some action let's find out what's going on!

"Which colour should I use Ashley?" asks Paige showing her the pink wool and the blue
" What are you making?"
" Maybe a waistcoat for Edward?"

" Well if it's for Edward , maybe the blue" says Ashley.
Archie , the dog seems very interested in what's going on !

" But the pink is pretty!" says Paige
"Well ask Edward what he'd like, he is sitting right beside you!"

"Well Edward! " asks Paige "Pink or Blue?"
Oh no ! thinks Edward..what does she want me to pick... I was happily day dreaming... " Hum ah"
" Well what a good idea Edward I will make it in blue and pink!"
Edward lets out a big sigh of relief! He has no idea what Miss Paige is making in blue and pink but he is sure it will be lovely
Archie is very interested..he'd quite like a scarf for the cold weather would be good ..or Pink..he's not bothered!

Paige goes off to find her knitting needles and Edward goes back to daydreaming .

Archie decides that he'll guard Edward while he's staring into space! He's one strange Panda thinks Archie BUT he's our strange panda and I'll guard him! Woof!


Still need to find a space big enough to set out window seat and fireplace etc together! Wonder if the DH would agree to building an extension........


  1. Gosh! You really are wanting 'Jam' on it! Props galore and now a house EXTENSION for your Sasha Dolls!
    Although I'm all for it if means that I am to continue to get such pleasure and enjoyment from your blog posts.
    Like Edward I'm not keen on making snap decisions about which colour would look the best. Lucky for me here as I can just sit back and relax and wait to see the finished article in either blue or pink or a combination of both.

    Room already looking good. New arm chair? Super story leaving the ending open for the next installment.
    Who's doing the knitting? You?

    1. The sofa is a fab find a couple of years back in the local antiques/bric a brac market only cost £5!
      Problem with the room setting is it's the sideboard in my living room and after my shoot we moved it from one side of the room to the other and put the TV on it! so still looking for a studio/sasha home
      :( but I have my eye on somewhere but will take a while to clear out!!

  2. Wow did Mr O make the chair too? He's a real treasure - do you lend him out?
    Thought not.
    Suppose I'll have to day dream like Edward......

    1. No Mr O did not make the little sofa, a bargain find a couple of years back, I think it may be a build a bear sofa/chair only cost me £5!!!

      I have yet to get the DH working on the chair and stool...still finding a place to make a permanent room setting...

      I would consider lending him out but he'd never return with all the jobs people would find him! and he still has so much to do here :)) pss don't tell him that bit...

  3. It looks the 'ideal home' to me! Another fab post Dee - love the way you use the bears and the girls together

    1. Thanks must be a change from seeing them kidnapped :))
      Unfortunately the Sasha's are still looking for a place to 'call 'their own......a bit like TATE really Lol :))

  4. My absolute goodness! I just knew it! Had to happen! A Sasha wing!!! Great stuff and oh so perfect. Such lucky girls, boys and bears!!! We'll be looking forward to even more amazing capers from Sasha Village! Onwards and upwards, Dee!!! xxx

    1. Thank Karin
      What a delight to have a Sasha wing!! Just need to win the lottery!!

      I am hoping the posts will be filled with more detail once I set up 'House' somewhere!