Sunday 31 March 2013


Well hours ago I started getting things together for my Easter photo and I have just finished!!
The good thing about deciding to do a photo for the blog in a certain way, style or colour range is
it makes you go searching through your things.

Which in turn means you find things you have forgotten you had, things you knew you had but look totally different to what you remembered and some things you just cannot find even if you only saw them a couple of days ago!!

Using this has a good opportunity to change some of the Sasha's into Spring clothing even thought the weather people say we have another two weeks of cold weather to come!!! I set about my task.

First up is Ashley which is a bit of a cheat as she was already wearing this lovely Vintage Sasha set but it is just the right colour range I am using so she's in.

Then we have Nancy my FCP Sasha, she was delighted to finally get out of the clothes she's been wearing since Christmas. She is wearing a dress by Olive aka Hagnolly and a bolero by my sister Michelle.

Next we have Paige my dungarees girl, she also was happy to finally get out of the Christmas outfit.
She is wearing one of my favourite smocked dresses by Lesley aka Special delivery, I just love her smocked dresses, wonderful prints and great smocking what more could one ask!
I have teamed this with yellow socks and red sandals by Rosie Bloomfield, the red of the sandals picking out the red in the smocking and flower centres.

Now we have Callie, my red haired Gotz slated eyed girl, in a dress by Ginny of Passion for Sasha , in a green with little kittens on. teamed with
green sandals by Rosie Bloomfield.

Belinda, my 68 single fringe girl, is wearing a lovely white dress by Nadia Vasconi it has a lovely design on the dress but unfortunately the flash appears to have hidden most of it. Sock are by Gill and shoes By Jean Jensen.

Now we have Anastasia in a dress by Ginny of Passion for Sasha, I love this dress which is a new purchase. I have teamed it with blue socks by Gill and white sandals by Jean Jensen, I wanted to use my blue Jj sandals but could I find them?? NO not until I had finished taking all the single photo's!

My Limited edition Velvet's, Violet and Sapphire are wearing matching pinafore dress sets by Olive aka Hagnolly with lovely appliqué fronts. Both are wearing JJ sandals.

Dexter, a tiny eyed 68 Gregor, kingly said he would represent the boys, unfortunately the only single photo I took I auto corrected and it did this to his face!  But you can see his wearing a nice Lemon hoodie by Judith of Dollydoodles, white trousers by Michelle and Jj shoes.

 And for the babies we have Rosie wearing a lovely lemon fleece by Judith of DD and lemon cord dungarees by alexisophie.

Finally all were dressed and ready for photo, I then spend ages trying to get the background in place!
So below is the result , one or two came out ok and could be better, see what you think.

Unfortunately there was not enough room to include the Twins , Violet and Sapphire.

another .


In this shot I manage to get Rosie in

and the final photo.

Well they are all still standing as seen above , so I may try to improve on this photo , I did just suggest to the DH that they looked very nice standing there and I may leave them...He said no! could be to do with the fax his computer is hidden behind the backdrop and he'll need it for work on Tuesday..but there's still Monday.....



  1. Happy Easter to you all.
    Your group shot is lovely,so spring-like and you should keep them there until the computer is really needed!

    1. Thanks Rosie, I managed to keep them there until mid day, then had to move them :(

  2. Happy Easter Dee!
    And there's me thinking you were eating your Easter eggs when all the while you have been dressing your Sasha kids who all look fab!

    1. I only had ONE Easter egg!! and I ate that before Easter!!!!
      At least this lot are now dressed for next couple of months until the Summer will be arriving???????

  3. Just seen your poem on my blog..I don't know where you find the time to not only dress your kids but to write a work of art...I am impressed/jealous :)

    1. Green Ice not sure I like that...unless it makes you an emerald!!! What can I say it's a curse .. :)

  4. Mouthwatering post, Dee! You must have spent hours dressing them so perfectly. They all look stunning! I must agree with Ronnie: HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME FOR IT ALL????? Impressive! Love Karin xxx

    1. Thanks Karin. I find time by ignoring the Ironing until I really have to do it!!

  5. Oh Dee, YOU must keep that wonderful Easter display up at least until the Easter weekend is over. How lovely to keep going back to look and admire your beautiful dolls and their attractive Spring clothing.
    Especially enjoyed seeing your developmental girl in her new dress.

    Congratulations to your Gregor joining in the fun. Takes some guts to do this in front of the other lads.

    Looks like it was a busy Sasha weekend for you too.

    Have just read about your poem on Ronny's blog so will have to go and have a read of it after writing this comment.
    Can barely wait now to repeat the written numbers and letters there to publish my comment and then I'm off to absolutely-sasha's blog.

    1. Thanks Kendal, they did look nice in front of the DH's computer but I did have to move a couple in case the Cat knocked them off!!
      Then they spent the morning displayed , then I moved them to take some other photo's.
      Dexter is a very self assured young Gregor and happy to join now he's out of his Tube!

  6. Happy Easter Dee. Wonderful dresses on the lucky models. The light isn't good for doll photography today, even with it being a bit brighter outside.
    My younger girl took Laura to church today for Easter Day wearing your lovely sweater dress and matching hat, she is very fond of the outfit on Laura. In fact Laura even came up to the gallery to sing with the choir at one point.

    1. Thanks. The light was very hard to work with.I am glad Laura got to go to church and sing with the choir while wearing her sweater dress set :)

  7. What a lovely bunch! Happy Easter to you and yours!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Happy Easter Sharon, thanks for dropping by. Is it getting sunny in Spain? send some here if it is!