Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Back inside Lucas set about enjoying Dawn's home...

Lucas found a lovely rocking horse and pulling Socks up behind him set off at a cracking rocking pace, calling and shouting for the people to get out of the way, he was chasing a nasty person who kept lurking in the bushes taking photos of people.....

Did he mean Mum? or someone else?

"Come on Socks " says Lucas " Let's go find something else to play with!"

What is he doing now!!

"Come on Socks, come up here !"
But Socks knows when to beat a hasty retreat and wanders off  along the passage, so Lucas gets down to follow him.

What are they up to now !

He's in Dawn's twin dolls pram talking to one of the twins.

Goodness what is Lucas telling that baby! He looks very shocked whatever it is!

"I'll give you a ride round this window Socks, then you can pull me !"

But before they can set off Lucas sees something else he wants to play with...

What an earth!

" Blimey these torties are so slow, we have not moved even an inch !" complains Lucas, socks nods in agreement.

Lucas gives up and calls Socks to follow him, he's tired from all this playing and he's sure he heard someone say there was cake!!



  1. Looks like little Lucas was up to his old tricks at Dawn's house Dee! But looks like nothing got broken....or if it did then Dawn has yet to discover it LOL!
    That rocking horse is very cool indeed and he was right to go after the baddies!

    1. Thank goodness he did not break anything! :) That Rocking horse is lovely and Lucas enjoyed riding it, Lucas is very good at spotting bad 'n , comes from once being a little bad himself :)xxx

  2. I bet he slept well on the way home. He's definitely one to keep you on your toes.
    Thanks for posting about all the fun. It looks like it was a lovely day in all regards.

    1. Yes he was very quiet on the way home almost like he'd worn himself out! ;)
      It was a lovely day and nice to be able to share it with others :)

  3. Hi Lucas
    Now, you know Auntie Jenni loves you dearly but.......WHAT ARE YOU DOING HOGGING THE BEST BIT OF MY DREAM????? You know very well that, in my dreams, that rocking horse is MINE!

    I've wanted one for 55 years,ever since my teacher twigged that my howling each morning as I arrived in my reception class was only to make sure that I would be lifted onto the big rocking horse so I could wave to my mother out of the window. When Mrs. Bearstow realised mine were crocodile tears, she banned me for the rest of the year and, until I could get a sneaky ride or two on the one in my own classroom when nobody was looking 20 years later, I never rode a rocking horse again. I am so proud of you Lucas, you re so like me. We are a devious pair!!

    Well, since I wasn't there to have a turn and that's just as well as horsey's legs might not have survived if I had been, I hope you had a great time and enjoyed looking at and playing Auntie Dawn's other things. Did you meet any other toddlers?

    Lots of love,
    Auntie J xxxx

    1. Hi Auntie J

      I was riding that horse it not a hog? why you want a Hog in your dreams? or do you think it one of thems American motorbikes that the bad boys ride?
      I wants me one of thems when I is bigger, my brother Mike gonna show me how to ride it !

      Why you cry about some old smelly horse at your school, you should go to Mrs Dawn's house , she may let you ride her horse if you don't break it.
      I did likes playing at Auntie Mrs Dawn's she got lots of good toys all over her house, she must surely like children!
      I did see nother toddler but did not play with them as I was busy playing with my socks! That;s my dog socks not my smelly socks whats I wears on my feets!
      Bye for now. no kissy stuff

  4. Good adventuring Lucas, looks like you had a fab time!x

    1. He obviously escaped from your attentions Louise :) x

    2. He did, was good not to have a little one to constantly watch for a change, Lucas was somebody else's charge lol :) x

    3. You did handle him well Louise :) x

  5. What a wonderful rocking horse! I really enjoy seeing Lucas and socks as they explore and I hope everything was all right after they left! It sure looks like such a wonderful time by Lucas and everyone that was lucky enough to attend! Thanks for sharing Dee! :) xxx

    1. It is a beautiful rocking horse just waiting for a child to come ride. The scamp Lucas was here , there and everywhere but thankfully no damage. But I am not too sure if he'll be welcomed back !! :)
      Everyone and that includes the Sasha's had a great time :)xx

  6. Now this is just what I like to see! Little boys having some fun whilst the grown ups talk and eat. Pleased to see that Lucas hasn't lost all his mischievious charm!

    PS. Jenni if you're ever up/down/sideways on this way you'd be very welcome to come and ride on my similar rocking horse, called Greadon after my daughter's first Welsh Show pony (though mine's on the Victorian rockers) to your hearts content.

    1. There's is having fun and then being naughty! and some of what that scamp got up to was bordering on naughty ! Lucas has lost nothing except the bad side but the naughty still remains on occasion!

      Well Jenni what an offer ! Kendal as a beautiful full sized rocking horse which I am sure she rides at least once a week just to keep her hand in ;)
      If she turns up to ride him we want photos Kendal !! ;)xx