Sunday, 19 June 2016


I thought I'd share these photo's of Meredith in this beautiful studio style summer outfit by the talented Ginny of A Passion for Sasha on Etsy.

and at the same time catch you all up with whats been happening at the Sasha Village.

It's been a busy working week, no staff due to holidays etc but we have  managed but does make for a tiring week. Then I have some training to do, so stayed late one night to get some done only to find I could not get onto the system  ! So that was a waste of time.

Also due to the weather, the evenings have been quite dark and wet so no much chance of getting any good photo's done for a proper blog post of the continuing story of Mary!

 and the weekend's been taken up with shopping, house work and gardening.

However finally the garden work, well this Alpine bed at least , is done.

So I am hoping to carry on with Mary's story on Tuesday/ Wednesday.

Monday I have to go to London to a one day course for work, so won't be home till late.

But I'm hoping this coming week, once Monday's over, I'll be able to get back on track with my story, clearing out more Sasha and other doll things and also general sorting and recycling. This evening with the sky bright but cloudy all things seem possible!.

Wishing you all a great week ahead.



  1. Meredith is such a beauty and this dress suits her perfectly. She looks so lovely there in the natural setting of the garden. Great you got your alpine garden done, it looks good.
    Hope you have a less tiring week this week and that your day in London went well. I know you'll probably only get to see the inside of your training room, but I LOVE LONDON!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon. The white on the brunette's always helps them to shine I think. That Alpine bed is coming in very handy as a back drop for doll photo's ! lol
      My trip to London was fine I LOVE LONDON too! lol but I don't want to travel there in the rush hour or return home in it! :)xx

  2. Meredith looks absolutely delightful out here showing off her new studio style dress and standing proudly in your super newly constructed Alpine garden.
    Clever combination, both enhancing each other.

    1. Thank you Kendal, The dress does enhance Meredith's natural beauty! :)
      Yes I can see that Alpine beds going to be a very usual Photo studio :)

  3. I will have to echo post but Meredith is just so delightful and that dress so suits her. And I love the alpine garden too.....really love it actually *Jane starts taking notes*
    Good luck in getting through this busy time......luckily the dolls never mind waiting.

    1. Thanks Jane. Meredith does look nice in that dress. :) Feel free to take notes, if you look on the side bar and click on Note from an English garden, you will see how we did it :)

      Yes thank goodness they don't complain or I'd be greet by a crowd of rowdy dolls every time I stepped through the door!

  4. Meredith is so beautiful Dee. And her new studio dress is beautiful too and it looks particularly perfect on Meredith with her coloring and her lovely brunette hair. :) xxx