Sunday 26 June 2016


Well it's been another busy week at work . My trip to London went fine well ,if we forget about be boarding the slow train and not the fast one ! and therefore arriving 30 minutes later into London than planned and making me 15 minutes late for my course! I do hate to be late but luckily I was not the last!
Of course it was chucking it down with rain in London On Monday but at least the sky cleared and I came out at 5pm into lovely warm sunshine and got a fast train home!.

Although I only worked three days this week , I had things that needed doing including the dentist then I worked Saturday and although it's 10.15 til 2.15 it really means the day is lost, when you had in travelling time there and back, lunch at 3. 15 is not ideal

But I did manage to get a few things done including sorting out some things to sell , dolls and their clothes!.
I am trying to find ten items of clothing and three dolls to sell each time I look until I have reduced the amount of dolls and their accessories filling this house. Don't panic I will still have more Sasha's as most have a place in my stories, so are harder to say goodbye to!

But I am going to be very hard and reduce some of the other dolls and all the clothing they all seem to require! I did have an idea of only keeping six of any one style or makers clothing but then looked in one of my boxes containing a couple of my favourite makers and could not bring myself reduce to only SIX! But I will be making looking again as I need to reduce these many boxes down to just a few.

Georgina is up for sale as I do not really need TWO Gingers especially when I rarely play with the babies. So she's on the adoption list, I am also thinking of selling both Meredith and Jenny plus my waif  Tatty. Yes they are all lovely and I could keep them all but I need to be hard!

Underneath all these boxes is my new bathroom and it's not getting sorted while I sit back and let another week slip by! At the end of this week I will be Sixty! and although I feel perfect fine and no more than about forty five, I have to start to realise that I could decide to retire in the next couple of years and devote myself to story telling on my blog etc and to that end my house needs to be finished and lovely or I'll have to carry on working forever.. :)

It's strange that I am now reaching the age that means I could retire! Well not according to the government they're moved my official retirement further away but I could reduce my days of working in a couple of years or just say I've had enough and escape! So if this is the year of the house is going to get done I need to find the space to do it!

Once I have made some leeway with that I need to get into my studio and start using it, so next month I'm going into the official open the Studio and start using it, it still needs tweaking but that will have to happen while it's in use.

Mary , who is very fed up with waiting, will be continuing her story this week and can I remind everyone that Friday is the 1st of July so Doll shelf photo day, so please send in those photo's that will all love to see. I have stet myself the target of taking five photos for this coming months post.

Enjoy the coming week, they have mentioned the word... SUN! I know one can only hope!

Just one more thing , this week has been a momentous one for our beautiful country and I for one am proud and always will be to be British, let not the nasty and rude minority define this country, if you cannot see beyond them to the true and wonderful people that live and work here then I am sad for you. It does not matter which way anyone voted all that matters is that we now work together to prove that we have the flair and the guts to embrace the road ahead.



  1. Hi Dee! Hello Georgina - emailing your Mum about you as we have 'history!'
    II whole heartedly agree with you Dee. We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and have history and traditions that are the envy of many. Whether people voted to remain in or leave the EU should not be a matter for insults, anger or petty mindedness. Everyone has a right to an opinion and all had a vote. Now, we should be grateful that we live in a democracy that allows that and get on with life.

  2. Oh Dee, I admire your steadfastness in parting with part of your Sasha clan. I am trying to do the same at my house but I am also adding too which makes no sense to anyone except doll lovers. Thank you for posting your catch up! :) xxx

  3. Gosh! That's a HUGE target of ten items of clothing and three dolls to move on each time you have a sort out! Some very hard decisions are having to be taken there. I certainly couldn't do that even if you paid me! I'm just going to have to take it slowly, one thing at a time, here.
    Good luck with clearing your third bedroom for your future upstairs bathroom.
    Pleased to hear that your Banking course went well in spite of arriving late. There can be such a big difference in travelling time between the fast and slow trains.
    It has been such an historic week for the UK and I agree that we must all pull together to make everything work for the future whatever our differences and opinions are. Together we stand, divided we fall.

  4. Thank you for clearing out some of your 'not-needed-by-you-anymore' dresses. I am thrilled with my purchase.
    But this could be *dangerous* as it means I am buying for Sasha dolls!!!

    And have fun on your Birthday .

  5. I'm glad to hear you had a good week Dee, even though you had to work, and that the course went well. I do not envy you that trip up to town early in the morning, I did that for 9 years and that was enough.....but give me a day out in London when I'm over in the UK and I'm in my element :)
    Good luck with the clearing out, I hope you achieve your goal.....and we won't mention the fact that there will be some 'spaces' to fill in your dolly display shelf ;)