Sunday, 5 June 2016


Whose wandering our garden
Studying the flowers?
She's been out there looking
for what seems like hours!

When she touches on a petal
the plant does seem to rise
 preen and lean towards her
almost doubling in size!

As if her touch is magic
her presence bringing warmth
the flowers appear to watch her
as she takes her jaunt

Her dress appears old fashioned
from loving years gone by
There's something strange about her
that can not be seen by eye

I wonder where she came from
and who she really is
Perhap's I'd best go ask her
and question her and quiz

But Hold! Where ever is she!
I've looked both left and right
but now I cannot see her
she's vanished from my sight!

Wait! I can remember
well almost before it fades
Her whispers to the flowers
her words of love and praise

"Sweet flowers, joy resplendent
colour, scent so rich
I think that I will stay awhile
and here I'll place my pitch.

"But first I must go tidy
myself and change my clothes
Then gather up my bag
and start along this road"

"Soon I shall reside here
I'll stop and play awhile
I'll make friends with the children
and hope to make them smile"

"Now I really must be going
so that I can return
I've many things to do
and many things to learn"

 But now I cannot see her
She vanished from my sight
I wonder when she'll return
Could it be tonight!



  1. Oh Yes! Another new doll I fear! But who? So firstly I had to go and do a bit of detective work on this (required saving a close-up photo in my pictures and the zooming in!) Good I have her taped now so will email you privately so as not to give her identity away.
    Loved the story in rhyme and can reveal that I once had the same Ruthsdolls outfit years go for my Brood when into the studio styles. It's very pretty and I remember Ruth telling me that it was washed in tea to give it that antique look.
    (Took a second look afterwards to have a better view at the garden now it's almost in full bloom in this wonderful sunshine.)

    1. Another! I do believe there have not been many arrival's this year certainly not EIGHT Lady K!! :) I watched this little lovely on Shelly's until I could bear it no more and just had to offer her a new home ! And I have always loved that studio outfit by Ruth so that was an added bonus.
      She'll be arriving tomorrow, if I get the photos done in time!
      ( I am trying to put some photo's on the garden blog but it's playing up! )

  2. This actually brought a tear to my eye *happy sniff* what a beautiful beautiful introductory story.
    I hope she really has come to stay with you and that we get to see more her very soon.

    1. Thank you Jane. Yes she says she's coming and I don't think anything or one can stop her ! a very determined girl this one! :)

  3. Does she have to change her clothes? She looks quite the perfect little Edwardian lady in this outfit! Love it.

    1. Although I do love her clothes, the look perfect for a young Edwardian girl doing some gardening, you will see, on her arrival just why she needed to change!! ;)

  4. A very pretty part introduction to this very sweet girl. I look forward to seeing more of her tomorrow.
    Love the outfit too, I think it suits her.

    1. Thanks Sharon :) She is a special girl and the outfit is definitely her! But I think , I hope you'll agree so is her arrival one! ;)

  5. She is very beautiful Dee and your garden photos are too. Her outfit is lovely and such pretty red hair. Love getting in on a new story line. :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. I am sooo happy with her :) It's good to finally be getting a story going :)xxx