Friday 10 June 2016


The new girl's found her way into the children's room and decides to unpack a few things while she waits for someone to appear.

She wonders what to unpack first?

Zack watches from the doorway.

Reaching down she pulls out a tiny Teddy in a blanket " Hello Tinka we've arrived " the tiny teddy sighs in relief.

She settles Tinka on the sofa next to a sweet little doll , who she finds out is called Inca and comes from Germany.

She hears all about her trip from Madam Ursula's family to the Sasha village and how little Inca is nearly a hundred years old.
Deciding to get back to her unpacking , she turns back to her carpet bag.

She starts pulling out a long piece of wood with a large round knob at the top.

It's a bit of a struggle but she keeps pulling ..

finally she gets it right out with a last big tug  !

Zack watching from the doorway cannot believe his eyes! That great big long thing just came out of that little bag!

"That's much better " sighs the girl having removed her coat and hat and placed them on the stand" now what's next? "

next she starts pulling out another wooden item, Zack cannot quite see what it is to start with.

"There you are Tinka ,your crib " she looks round " where can we put it for now? "
Archie the dog is still looking at the stick person in the hat waiting to be noticed and receive a pat or two!

Zack's eye's nearly pop out of his head! A baby's crib! a coat stand! from a tiny bag! He needs to go get someone now!

Archie hides in the corner as the girl moves the crib over to wear her coat stand is and places her teddy down to rest.

She decides it's time to talk to the boy whose been shadowing her ever since she entered the garden! But it's too late he's rushing away!

" Oh what a shame, I was hoping to introduce myself and find out where everyone was "  looking about she makes for the armchair to wait for Zack to bring someone back.

" mmm this chair's very comfy "

Not exactly sure how long Zack will take to return , she gets out her ipad to send a few emails while she waits. She needs to let Mrs Shelly know she's arrived safely.

She likes using the ipad , she could use other means but the ipad's so sweet , a little slow but sweet!



  1. Brilliant Dee, love the story as it unfolds! Zack's eyes really did almost pop off his face but then what guy wouldn't be shocked at the things us ladies manage to fit in our handbags eh? 😜
    Loving all the props too....I have an ipad like this but it's at home and I suspect getting used by those who had to remain there!!
    looking forward to the next installment!

    1. Thanks Sharon. Poor Zack he's such a little innocent ! :) Oh dear fancy leaving your ipad behind! who knows how many parcels will be getting delivered while your at the coast! xxx

  2. Oh my! What an amazing bag! I've NEVER seen anything like it. I need one that works in reverse - one that I could pop a great deal of stuff in to keep the house tidier.

    1. It's an amazing bag Jenni! and what a great idea! I'd love one that worked in reverse, mind you I'd still probably need two!! :)

  3. Truly amazing at how much came out of the really attractive carpet bag. I could certainly do with one of those with all the Sasha related 'stuff' that so often has to accompany me when 'out and about' with my camera and dolls.
    Loving Zacks part here. Bet that he could hardly believe his eyes! (Most impressed with the photography with this.)
    Interesting info on little Inca.

    1. Another good idea, one for taking all our Sasha stuff about!Especially if you could fit everything in and still be able to carry it!
      Poor Zack will be worn out with all that's happening here!
      Ursula very kindly sent the little doll to us at the village from Germany and she said it was nearly 100 years old , so the sasha had to be careful when They were allowed to play with it, which is why she was sitting quietly on the sofa when the new girl arrived!

  4. Come on Zack! Don't stay away for too long as we need to know more. And more won't be revealed until you return!!!!
    Brilliant story Dee.....just brilliant!
    And I did chuckle about the iPad being a little slow! LOL!

    1. I just hope Zack brings back someone other than Toby back or who knows what will happen!
      Glad you are enjoying the story :)
      ipad could seem so to some people ;)

  5. I still have to learn who the mysterious girl is, but I can make an educated guess who was her nanny! Mary Poppins must have liked her a lot to give her a handbag just like hers, but nicer looking.
    Can't wait for this to be continued.

    1. Yes she's yet to tell us her name ! I wonder if she ever met Mary Poppins? maybe she's just seen the film and liked the bag?
      next installment coming soon.... :)