Monday 6 June 2016


Zack was beginning to realise that Toby had forgotten they were supposed to be playing hide and seek ! Sighing he was about to get out from his hiding place and go find him ,when he heard someone coming!

" Mmmm mm m m La la la la lala " the young girl hummed to herself as she walked.

She walks towards the flower garden humming away.

Reaching the end of the cloisters she pauses and goes silent.

Zack sinks back into his hiding place , that's never Toby! that's a girl ! He wonders which of his sisters it can be...

"What a glorious garden , I'm going to love living here !" she sighs happily.

" Yes a great place to stay "  suddenly she hears a cough to her left side..

Looking that way she's stunned to see an old old friend " Boris! How are you ? I cannot remember the last time we met!"
Boris looks bashful!!

The girl chats away happily reliving old memories, then asks " Where's your brother Ivan you were always together !" Boris's voice rumbles deep " Pardon ! Really ! He's been behind me all this time and you didn't say!"

as she swings round to Zack's direction, He dives into the Geraniums, squashing half a dozen blooms !

"Ivan ! " the girl cries and then spends more time chatting about old time to him! Zack's starting to get an itchy nose and is desperate not to sneeze and tell this stranger he's so close!

Finally she sets off across the flower garden towards the house !

Trying not to groan aloud Zack gets up from his hiding place and follows her , hiding behind the plant pots along the way!

The girl starts humming to herself again

Zack peeps from behind his pot watching her walk through the gate and onwards.

The girl smiles to herself and starts to sing " Tuppence for paper and string, you can have your own set of wings.... "

Even Mabel pauses and studies the girl as she passes, before going off to look for mice..

"With your feet on the ground your a bird in flight!.. with your fist holding.... "

" Feet on the ground! Bird in flight! not another nutter! sighs Zack!

The girl nearly laughs aloud but manages to stop herself and go back to her singing!

" Send it soaring! Up through the atmosphere Up where the air is clear..... Oh let's go fly a kite.. "

Then straightening her shoulders she heads for the back door and her new home, while a bewildered Zack watches and follows after ....



  1. Your new girl is a beauty that's for sure! Does she have a name yet?
    But I'm a bit confused by your previous post....Oh has she lived at the Village before??
    I loved the photos of Zack hiding behind the flower pots - they made me chuckle :)

    1. She does have a name :) I believe this is her first time living in the Sasha Village :)
      Zack does try bless him! :)

  2. I'm very curious who she is, and when she met the gargoyles, and why Zack doesn't recognize her if she lived at the Village before.
    Hope this will be continued VERY soon!

    1. That's good you are curious :) Yes she appears to have met the gargoyles before but has she met Zack before?
      Coming soon.....

  3. Oooh! Is it HER.... or a relative/descendant? There are a few small people and bears that need to watch out, if it is.....Spit-spot and all that!

    1. HER ! Mmm could be but maybe not.. relative ? Yes some could need to be much better behaved !

  4. She is a fantastic new girl! I love her pretty eyes and hair and wonderful outfit too. I am a big Mary Poppins fan and immediately recognized the song "Let's go Fly a Kite". A great post and look forward to next one! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger :) Shelly did a beautiful job on her eyes. Mary Poppins, now theres a name to conjure with ! ;) xxxx

  5. Ooooh Let's Go Fly a Kite, Up to the highest you have me singing this song from Mary Poppins :)
    I wonder where this 'stranger' has come from...and is she really a stranger or has she been here before perhaps :)
    Lovely post, beautiful girl, gorgeous outfit...great garden :)

    1. I wonder if she's seen the movie? It's a very catchy tune :)
      Yes she appears to be familiar to some but not others? Strange ! Hopefully we'll discover all soon.. ;)

  6. I love this story but from reading the other replies I see there may be more to it than first meets the eye!!!
    But I have so many names and faces to try and learn all at once. I think I will just start with Boris and Ivan today and leave it at that.......though Zack's sneaking and creeping and hiding was pretty neat so I am likely to remember him too!

    1. Glad you love the story and I never know where these things will lead! ;)
      Even I have trouble remembering all the names, so good luck with that!
      Zack is a good lad, worth remembering :)

  7. Now you have even ME guessing as to if she has lived here before... although now having had her eyes customised it would be difficult for me to tell without a few extra clues to hand.
    I do remember seeing her for sale on Sashadolluk in the Ruthsdoll's studio styled outfit (plus that rust/orangejacket/dress/carpet bag outfit on the non-original clothing pages!) but hadn't noticed if she had. had her eyes re-painted at that stage....(although I'm thinking not!) Love the new combination of the doll and outfit. They are ust perfect together!
    (I'm always amazed that even though working almost full time you can still get to daily scout round all the websites, blogs, eBay offerings and Facebook etc. (Mind you not requiring the national average 7-8 hours sleep a night does perhaps help here!)
    Anyway, thanks for this GREAT blog post and can quite safely take a 100% bet that she won't be turned away from THAT door when she finally gets to knock on it.

    1. Sounds like you have it pretty much sussed ! She's turning out o be a well dressed young lady and quite well mannered ;)
      I do like to keep up with the important blogs, websites etc, one never knows just what one may find!
      Glad you are enjoying the post and now Kendal when have we in the village ever turned a doll away at THAT door!! :)