Tuesday 14 June 2016


With Toby!

"Hello " Says Toby " Welcome to the Sasha Village, I'm Toby and this is my brother Zack "
 The new girl smiles " Nice to meet you Toby, Zack my names Mary "

"MARY! " gasps Zack
Toby gives Zack a look as if to say whats up with you?
" Hi Mary , my brother Zack says you have a really interest.. I mean nice bag that looks like a piece of carpet "
" Yes I do, it's over by my jacket "

Turning away Toby and Zack go over to look closely at the 'bag' , Zack had told Toby about how the girl.. Mary had pulled large objects from it! Toby just knew Zack as trying to pull his leg!

" There it is " whispers Zack pointing with a shaking finger at the bag.
" It's just a bag " says Toby not impressed at all " Mary seems quite dressy for one of our sisters "
" Never mind that " whispers Zack.. " That bag is magic! "

Toby stares harder at the bag, he wonders if it would be rude to ask if he could look inside ! Then he decides best not to in case she tells Mum who would be upset that he'd asked,  especially after the last time!  When he didn't ask and pulled Mr Grey the vicar's wig out of his case and Mrs grey fainted thinking it was a rat!

Mary looks between the boys shoulders trying to see why they are so interested in her bag?
Very odd behavour!

Finally the boys turn round to speak to Mary, Toby asks a few questions about her bag, had she had it long? Oh it was a family heirloom , where did she find it? Oh her Auntie P gave it to her when she was born and it was just like the one her Auntie P had but smaller!
Did it hold much? Oh Just a few bits and bobs...

 Was it Heavy ? No light as a feather !

Toby and Zack look back at the bag.. Toby so wants to ask to look inside! But he can bide his time, surely she'll not be with it all the time!

" Oh "says Mary " I just remembered something I need from my bag "

Zack pulls Toby to the other side of the room , Whispering he rushes to get the words out " She wearing a different dress! "
" What? "
" A different dress, she was wearing a browny beige ish shiny thing and now she's wearing flowers!"
Toby give Zack a searching look  "  Have you been drinking Dad's cider ? "
"NO" says Zack shocked , Toby looks like he does not believe him

Mary's looking at her bag trying to remember which section she put the gift in!
"Look! " says Zack " Look her dress is on the wooden thing! "
Now Toby's getting really worried, he does not like how odd Zack sounds, maybe he's got a fever!

" Ah! There it is " smiles Mary
Toby says softly to Zack " You are sure she pulled that big crib out that bag? "
"Yes!" trembles Zack looking a little sick

Toby turns towards the door " Come on Zack , let's go find Mum and get a nice cool drink and you can tell her about the imaginary things that come out of tiny bags!"
" I did not imagine it  ! I saw It... I think.... " Zack looks pale " I think I did ? I don't feel very well "
"Come on " says Toby moving quicker he does not want Zack being sick or he'll throw up!
Meanwhile Mary reaches into her bag " I so hope they'll like it "

A little tugging and puffing Mary pulls out a sweet little wooden rocking horse !

" It's for the Village bears, do you think they'll like it? " she turns her head to find she's all alone! Oh she wonders where the boys went .

Goodness , when is someone going to stay around long enough to show her a bed and introduce her to her new family?

She's never known such strange goings on!



  1. Now who could Auntie P be? MAry seems a very sweet girl and I'm sure the Bears will love the rocking horse, it's adorable

    1. Yes I'm wondering that too! ;) I'm sure the bears will love that rocking horse and Mary is very sweet to think of them :)

  2. I noticed the change of dress too and couldn't quite understand it so had to scroll backwards in case I'd missed something!
    Perhaps when I've slept on it, it all might become a little clearer... BUT I do know that I just ADORE that little rocking horse as I'm sure that the Village Bears will.

    1. If you'd read everything , you'd know why she changed :) I just had to buy that little rocking horse first and wonder who'd it fit after! :)

  3. Oh, Mary! What a lovely gift for the bears. They are so lucky you have arrived. Whatever IS the matter with those dopey boys? Haven't they HEARD how special a carpet bag can be?
    Really, Mrs. Mum should read the biography of your Aunt to them - it is far more truthful than that film of her life, the one with the man who thinks he has sussed a Cockney accent (terrible, isn't it?) and goes in for dancing with penguins.....

    1. It's a pretty nice gift and the bears will be so happy! Toby and Zack are quite young and I'm not sure if they've ever heard of special carpet bags?
      I wonder if Mary bought along a copy of her aunt's book? If she did she could read them all a bedtime story.

  4. Another great photo story, the boys do make me laugh....what a little rascal that Toby is! He'll get himself into trouble one of these days if he starts sneaking a look into that bag...he may find more than he bargained for.
    But that is a gorgeous rocking horse, the bears are going to love it...even the babies might like to ride it too.
    You always find the best things Dee!!!!
    Big hugs xxx
    PS I too wondered about the change of dress....at first I thought it was a mistake! ;)
    But I should have known really, with your story telling :)

    1. Thanks Sharon. Toby and trouble just seem to find each other! ;) I just could not pass that rocking horse by when I saw it :) I was think it may suit a small bjd or little darling too!
      I do try :)
      Glad you worked out why the dress change Hugs xxx

  5. Oh my! You are an absolute master of the doll photostory! I absolutely love this. I too noticed the dress switch and exactly like Kendal and Sharon I scrolled back to see how I had missed it!
    Boys you should have stayed longer. And Mary I am quite sure that somebody will show you to your bed soon. But it not, I am sure you could pull one out of your bag!

    1. Thank you jane :) If I could juts remember to make sure my photo's are level when I take them it would be a help! lol My dress change appears to have confused a few, I'll have to be more obvious in future.
      Yes those boys left just a little to early! and goodness , do you think she could get a bed out of that bag! ;)

  6. You got me too with the dress change!
    Now all the boys need is a spoonful of sugar coming out of the bag.
    There's magic afoot in the Village for sure.

    1. I see I must make more of a show! They'll be needing a spoonful of sugar or something if they don't behave!
      There's something afoot in the village ! :)

  7. I believe Mary could pull a bed out of the magic bag, but I hope there will be a sensible person soon to show her around.
    The rocking horse is adorable!

    1. Mmm would she pull it out ?..... or .. go into the bag and use it?
      Yes I'm sure a female will arrive soon ;)
      I so just had to get the rocking horse! :)

  8. Catching up on your story line Dee. Love the rocking horse!! :) xxx