Sunday, 6 November 2016


Valentine has finally met Erica ! But Valentine's worried , he wants to know that Erica is Erica and not been made to  have that added A!

So he asks her to come sit in the big winter rocking armchair because he's got a few questions he's like to ask her...

" This is nice and comfy" says Erica " But it could do with made being reupholstered ? "
" Mum was planning on that then went off to work on house with Dad " Valentine replies " But it does have an old rustic charm about it"
He looks over " Now Eric......a ...... are you happy with that name? "
Bemused Erica nods " Yes thank you I like it. "
"Your sure you like having that a on the end ? "

"Well yes or it would be Eric and that's a boys name!"

" Exactly a boys name.... does the name Eric not feel more..... comfortable? "

"No" states Erica firmly " to be called Eric would be well  weird ! Next question !"
" Trousers or skirt? "
"What sort of questions that? " scoffs Erica " If it's nice out a skirt with some thick tights and boots would look great but if it's really nasty weather a nice thick pair of tights with a good pair of trousers over the top would keep me lovely and warm "
" Pink or Blue ? "
" Mmm well I like both but I do love a nice deep red just like your sweater!"

Getting side tracked Valentine talks about his love of red and just where to get the perfect sweater from " and there are some great knitters out there.. " then realising he's lost the plot he coughs and straightens up starting to pace... " Bike or Pram ? "

Erica rolls her eyes " another silly question! If I am playing with a doll, I'd use the pram but if I want to go for a ride I'd use a bike! Duh!"

"What are all these questions for anyway? " demands Erica
Valentine , whose now standing behind the chair replies softly " I'm just making sure you are happy being a girl, we, you and me , we're what's known as unisex , which means we can be either girls or boys but some of us know what we are and it can be so hard if our mum decides different "

Erica asks carefully " did that happen to you? "
She hears a big sigh from behind her " Yes... it did .. for many years I was forced to wear a dress and have ribbons in my hair and other girly things ......but deep in my heart I knew I was a boy.... it was hard but finally I arrived in the village and Mum took one look at me and said why it's a boy! Thank god! and I was saved "

Erica sits quietly for a while letting Valentine , who'd sounded a little teary at the end, get himself back in order.

Finally Erica gets up from the chair and Valentine comes round to her " Well I can assure you Valentine I love being a girl and should I change my mind I'll tell you first okay? "
" Yes " smiles Valentine " if you ever change your mind I will help you adjust "

"Well it was interesting " says Erica turning away towards the door " but I have a date with the girls to look through the clothes and find some more just for me, so I'll see you later Valentine...... or should that be..... Valerie ? " giggling she rushes out the door.

" Why that little Minx!" mutters Valentine shocked! " Well that confirms it ! She's a girl as no boy would be so quick witted !"


So I now have two unisex Gotz , both brunette .

and here they are. the same but different , I know Valentine is a boy  but Erica ... I think is a girl  but only time will tell if I am right.

I think it will be nice for Valentine to have a unisex sister living in the village and it will be interesting to see how feminine she'll look in girls clothing....

Enjoy the coming week, looks like it's going to be a cold one here in the UK.



  1. BUT????? How can she not be a girl? I look at Val and see boy, but Erica is all girl. Anyway, she SAYS she's a girl and she should know. You are NOT turning into one of those Sasha people that changes the gender of their little people on a whim are you, Mrs. Mum?
    I don't know, next she'll be painting eyelashes on Trendon Gregors and rerooting them with long hair. Then come the frilly, pink, girly dresses on Calebs! Is there no end to the..mumble.....mumble... mumble

    1. Well ... I believe she's a she but because i'm used to Valentine being a he! and her having brunette hair just the same I'm finding hard to commit completely , one foot is well in the she's a girl camp and the others hovering just above.. lol
      I do take exception! at being called a Sasha gender bender! I have never knowingly changed a Dolls gender to suit my own ends... Look at Valentine, I so wanted a girl and then he arrived! and i knew he was a boy! so I rest my case and almost my other foot... :)

    2. Ha ha! I know you feel the same about the distortion of the ratio of boys to girls as I do! I can't knowingly buy a Sasha repaint that has been changed and have even been to enquire abut origins before making an offer for one.
      Most people think me crazy but, in my childhood, boy dolls were even more scarce than now, and would still languish in toy shops, naked in cellophane bags with -Rosebud' or 'Pedigree' written on the tags they were hung by. Those little lads called to me. Neglected then as now by mothers and Grandmas who prefer to dress girl dolls for their daughters (boys playing with dolls more of a no-no than girls having boy dolls too), I felt so sorry for them and once spent a month's pocket money on a Rosebud boy who had yelowed because he'd been in the shop window for so long - despite the shopkeeper offering e a pink girl version for the same price, I insisted on the jaundiced, unloved little orphan boy.

  2. Well that was quite an eye-opener for me, poor Valentine. He really did open his heart, didn't he.
    Now Erica seems pretty sure of who she is......but are you?
    I will just wait and see what happens

    1. Valentine's had a rough time with this is he isn't he unisex doll business, now he's happy and settled.
      Erica does seem very sure.. I'm sure I'll be agreeing with her very shortly!!! lol

  3. Poor old Valentine - good that both you and he agree!
    As for Erica, that's one young lady who knows her own mind.
    I would like to think that now a days children's toys and clothes weren't gender specific but that's probably wishful thinking!

    1. Valentine's happy here :) Erica is definitely sure of who she is :) I don't think colours and toys represent a gender these days but they do say if you leave children with toys they will tend to go for those that relate to their gender, boys to guns and trucks , girls to dolls and prams but I think these days boys also want to play house and girls play with the trucks!

  4. What a darling post! I hope Erica did not mind the "grilling" from Valentine. He is so handsome and so well dressed that perhaps his charms were stronger than his probing questions. I really like both of your unisex Gotz children and to me Valentine looks like a boy and Erica looks like a girl. But a well place bow or a pink outfit does help with perceptions. I do not think Erica will change her mind though that is a woman's prerogative, right? :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger :) I'm sure Erica was bemused by Valentine's questioning and very understanding of his reasons.
      It's so strange how we see these dolls as either male or female !
      I think Erica knows her mind, so hopefully won't be changing it ;) and if she did she'd just be confirming her true gender!!!! lol

  5. Definitely imo a brother and sister.

  6. I agree that Erica is definitely a girl....but I struggled at first with Valentine being a boy as he seemed a bit girly to me. But since getting to know him, I'm sure he is a boy.
    They make a great pair :)

    1. It's funny how we all see them differently! Valentine is definitely a boy whose in touch with his feminine side ;) xx