Sunday, 20 November 2016


Well another week's gone by and we are getting ever closer to the end of the year! This week my intended blog posts did not happen due to me getting a virus which made me have to come home from work and take to my bed! Two days later felt fine then the following day was out shopping and lost all my energy!
So it's still rattling around but will hopefully have run it's course in a few more days!

On the home front, Paul finished the paintwork in the downstairs cloakroom, so started the wallpapering! I have to say started because we ran out!!!! so annoying and also expensive as we have had to buy a second roll of paper just to do two half drops that are not even the full width needed! Paul had worked out the pattern repeat but if we were using full lengths but because we were only using about half a length we landed up having to cut off more than we thought to find the next pattern match ! So now we are waiting for another roll of wallpaper to be delivered sometime this week!

The front door

The side panels finally had a second coat of paint, so now I can see the two with the colour, I think that keeping the frame around them white is the correct choice, some people paint the whole thing in the colour but I like that it shows the door and panel separately.
 The post box is up but the letter plate is still to go on and  the new LED lights are also up.

So today Paul is removing the old front door! Cannot wait to see the amount of space this gives us now the, what was the porch, becomes part of the hallway.
Once that's done the plasterer can return and plaster the new part of the hallway by the new door and the ceiling and other tatty area's in the existing hallway, then once that's done it should all look like it's always been that way.

The dolls.. my other non Sasha dolls have been slowly growing and a little Schoenhut doll arrived this week to join my Schoey family. I saw this girl and just knew I wanted her to finish off the group.
So after a three month layaway she came to join us.

Her hair is carved, they do a few with carved hair but this was the one that appealed to me. As luck would have it , she fits into Sasha clothes and Sasha baby shoes! So she was able to have a whole new wardrobe as soon as she arrived.

A back view of her head, showing her hair detail and her blue ribbon with bow. I may tie a real blue ribbon over this one to give her back a little style.

Her dress by Wendy F is just perfect for her, her cardigan is by Jane Woodward and I bought it at the Chat n Snap.
I'm very pleased I decide to buy her, she's got something a little special about her.

Now for the last two days I have been setting up a scene for the blog, James needs to go to the local village shop to buy some flour etc but by the time I find the things I want it's late afternoon and the sun gone and shadows appear when trying to take the photo's! So I thought today would be the day only for it to be a wet and grey old day! So I am still hunting out a few things! So annoying that I cannot lay my hand to them straight away but it does mean I am remembering/ finding other items which are being added to the 'shop'.

Oh and this is why I cannot use the studio at the moment ! and this is after I have removed all the clothing boxes and several large carrier bags! No room to move around!

Anyway I have been down there searching for the item's I know I have and finding some I've forgotten about!
So as I have a toil day tomorrow I will be taking the photos, rain or shine and putting the story line up in the evening, I will be trying to find a few more items I know I have before then.

Here's a little peek

of a tiny part of Granny Fortuna's Village shop ..... more tomorrow.

Have a great week.



  1. OOOOh I'm first! The front door looks lovely Dee, the colour is perfect, like the summer sky...and I agree that the white sets it off nicely. I see you have a nice big box for the parcels that might possibly arrive sometime soon!
    I love your new little girl, she has the sweetest face, and how fortunate that she fits into clothes you already have...although I'm sure you'll treat her to something else soon too ;)
    I look forward to reading your new blog post tomorrow and am glad that you're feeling a bit better today :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, I am very pleased with my colour choice for the door. Unfortunately? the opening is just big enough for small clothing parcels but anything bigger they'll have to ring the bell :)
      I'm very happy with my new girl and have already asked a talented Sasha craftswoman to make her a new dress :)
      I hope the lights good enough to get good photos tomorrow, I need to keep this story rolling :) Thanks I'm feeling a lot better :) xx

  2. Get well soon.
    Your new Schoenhut girl has a lovely wistful face and her clothes suit her nicely. Does she have a name yet?
    Good to see continued progress with the house, I can quite understand that the studio is crammed with other stuff when the house is still being worked on.

    1. Thank you :)
      She is a lovely girl, her name is Nancy, I was going to call her Daisy but she preferred Nancy, so Nancy it is.
      It great the house is progressing and once that clams down I'll be able to sort out everything else!

  3. Oh poor you ((hugs)) I so hope you get really well soon. And I so hope you get good some good light tomorrow for your story.....though the rain might try and scupper your plans I fear *humph*

    Congratulations on your new girl, I really like her. She so reminds me of somebody I know......but at the moment I can't think who!

    1. Thanks Jane, I'm feeling a lot better than I was thank goodness :)
      Well if the weather doesn't play well I'll have to just go for it and hope there are not too many shadows!
      Thank you, I do love her, I think she's got that familiar sort of look to her :)

  4. SO many people have got this virus at the moment and it's proving really hard to get rid of and all that coughing makes you feel so exhausted. Hoping that you will feel much better soon. Plenty of rest and sleep is needed so I'm told andveven then it is extremely hard to shake it off completely.

    Front house area is looking very welcoming now with it's new front door, side panel, LED lights and letter/parcel box. We now await the finishing touches of the stained glass windows and letter plate.

    How maddening for you both about having to order another role of wallpaper.
    Not only on account of the extra expense but the having to wait around and not finish that job.

    Had rather guessed that the Sasha Doll studio would be lookingb like this as you have to put things out of the way whilst you are trying to sort other things.

    Beautiful wooden Schoenut doll. Bet that she's looking forward to meeting the others.

    1. It's definitely doing the rounds! I had the cough and cold for two weeks after the Chat n snap and now this!

      Thanks you the front of house is taking shape, just need a few more things done and a big clear up and that part will be finished.

      Yes so annoying It would have been finished but for the need for another roll! and I won't say just how much that rolls costing!

      That poor studio will one day be ready to use!

      Yes I will have to do a 'family' photo of the schoenhuts dolls soon.

  5. Oooh, UnCle Paul has made a nEw houSe for You, Auntie Dee! I don't reMember it looking lIKe that at the frOnt when I visiteD The VillaGe. It lOOks greAt and yOu haVe given me uh idea for the coLour I Am going to nag, er ASK NICELY 4. That turQuoise bluE is loveRly.
    I hoPe to visIt you aGain sum dAy, espershully as I think I'm In lOve wiTh your pretty, neW girl. DoEs she have a boYfriend?
    Lots of love,
    BerTie xxx

    1. Hello Bertie
      You can come visit when all the changes have happened and tell us what you think. I think if you ask and don't nag you may be able to sway Mame or Dada to do what you'd like.
      No she does not have a boyfriend because she is too young ! But she does like to be friends with boys.
      Love Auntie Dee xxx

  6. Really appreciate and love these peeks into your home and doll room and what they are all up to See! Xx