Sunday 26 March 2017


Well pretty much a terrible week all round.

At work this week I had a totally unreasonable customer who was also rude but I was not, only following the bank processes. I have to say that 99.9% of our customers are usually lovely people who behave well even when they have an issue.

Then the terrible happenings in Westminster, with people losing their lives in a violent and tragic manner. But this also showed the best in people, who rushed to help those injured, or to protect others.

And the the passing of our dear little Izzy. It was time but time seems so fleeting when these things happen. For those who don't know,  Izzy was diabetic in her last few years and had lost her sight. She coped with her sight loss wonderfully but in these last couple of weeks she'd seems more confused about where she was, when making her way about the house,or garden, especially when she'd just woken up. But on Thursday she woke and was poorly, unable to get her baring and just laying down and not wanting to drink.
Just before she was due to be taken to the vets , she rallied and got up and had a drink and seemed to recover.
The vet said that her liver was starting to fail and was releasing toxins into her brain which was why she was more confused than before and it was agreed that it was time to say goodbye , for her sake , as she was such a little fighter , she would have carried till her last breath.

So now she's been buried in our flower garden.

We have placed her in the sun as she loved to lay outside with the warm sun on her before moving into the shade if it got too hot.

She is close to the bench where we sit and have a cup of tea after a hard days work or gardening and also where I take photos of the dolls for the blog. When we sat here , she would sit on the concrete base under the seat and watch out from between our legs, there is usually only the little angel statue underneath. Izzy loved the garden and you would see her sniffing the flowers when they were in bloom.

We still have her Brother Hamish with us, which helps as there is still a dog wandering about although we still feel that something is missing. Izzy would always follow me out into the kitchen and sit or as she got more tired and frail lay by the doorway awaiting to escourt me back into the living room once I'd finished whatever I was up to. Same as she would always come with me when I went to hang the washing out and would turn to go back in as soon as I picked up the empty basket.

We also have Archie my daughter Lauren's Westie who stays here when she's at work as Paul works from home so he's not left on his own. Archie is the one on the left of this photo.Could I get them to both look at the camera at the same time?

This is me trying to get a photo of the pair of them together, Archie sits as requested , he does like having his photo taken , While Hamish , who is going deaf, pretends to be totally so!

Despite being ordered to sit Hamish keeps coming!

He paused long enough to let that young whippersnapper know whose the elder here! So that's the best one I got!

So now we have two of our dogs buried in the garden, Jasper our Golden retriever who passed away aged 12 back in 2005 and now Izzy, so looks like we'll be staying even if we ever win that lottery!

On a happier note, the sun is shinning today and although the breeze is cool it does seem like Spring is making herself felt. When the sun shine we tend to head out into the garden and those jobs that have waited over the winter come to the front of things to do and the house takes a back seat while this happens. So the hallway will be on hold for several months while we go outside to keep on top of all the garden jobs. I will finish with a photo of our Magnolia Stellata and the hopes that your week ahead is a good one.



  1. So sorry about the last week being such so unpleasant at work with that rude customer and then the sadness at home plus the terror in London.

    With regards to the latter we are truly grateful as my niece (who is at Cambridge University finishing off her PHD) was at The Houses of Parliment for a lecture at the very time of that terrorist act took place, but as it was luch time she had just slipped out to a little cafe two streets away to get something to eat and drink so luckily just missed being locked-down in there...although several of her coleagues who remained inside were.

    That looks a perfect spot for Izzy's burial place which will bring back such wonderful memories of your time with her.
    Please take care of yourself.

  2. I am very sorry about the sad events this past week. I think Izzy's resting place is lovely and nice and sunny.... a happy place. I am glad you have other furry family members which does help while you grieve over Izzy. We had rescued Shelby when our dearest Dolly departed and it helped to have Shelby to hug and to love though I dearly miss Dolly even today.

    The terror actions in London grieve us all and it seems they happen everywhere these days. It is heart breaking. The unreasonable customer brought out your lovely character Dee of being helpful and kind in the face of rudeness. I am glad most all of your customers are nice. Take care dear friend and sending hugs and happy wishes to you for a much better week to come. ❤ xxx

  3. I'm so sorry to read that you lost your Izzy. It's so sad to have to bid farewell to a dog. You found a beautiful resting place for her.
    Though it takes time to get over your loss, I hope your next week will be a little better - and your customers will behave!

  4. Sorry to hear life has been harsh for you Dee...but it is just a blip...things will get better. Promise...I will let you torment me with lots of pictures of Gotz dolls if it will help!!
    I am sure Izzy will approve of her final resting place, and that she is still keeping an eye on you all!!

  5. Dear Dee
    Hoping that you had a restful Mother's Day after a truly dreadful week. Today's world seems to be full of strife and ill feeling everywhere. Nice to see you back online. Here's hoping for a smooth week ahead...Carol

  6. I'm sorry that your week was so awful Dee, with the worst possible part being that you had to say goodbye to little Izzy, she was a lovely little dog and I remember her following us around the garden when we were taking photos of my BJD. :(
    It's lovely that you have laid her to rest in the garden in one of your and her favourite places. I know that wherever she is though, she will always remain in your heart. xxxxx

  7. I too am sorry that you had such an awful week. Thank you for showing where Izzy sleeps now.
    And your garden looks beautiful.....spring sunlight is so special.