Monday, 27 March 2017


Well Spring is officially here ! The clocks moved forward on Sunday morning, the sun shone and the day was clear and bright.

So Liberty went out into the garden in her spring outfit.

Liberty or Libby as we call her, was our first ever Sasha and came from the USA , hence her name.

She is standing on one of the flower garden covered seats which is showing signs of it's winter wear.

She is wearing a pleated skirt set with shoes by Ruth Hartley matched with a Swiss style jacket in blue by Karen Warnaka.

Libby is a Pintuck limited edition with real hair wig and her eyes have darkened from the bright blue to this brown, which I think looks lovely with her blonde hair. Her eyes have always been brown since we've had her.

Libby made the right choice wearing the KW jacket with her clothes, it's only just Spring and there will still be plenty of bright but chilly days ahead.



  1. Liberty looks very smart and fresh in that outfit. And yes it's still a good idea to wear a jacket. I keep preaching that to my girls....
    My Pintucks, Grace, says hi Libby!

  2. Lovely to see your very first Sasha Doll, Liberty/Libby, is still with you and looking very smartly dressed for this photo on Mothering Sunday.
    I'm afraid to admit that MY first Sasha (not counting the three dolls, 1966 Sasha, 1968 Gregor and 1970 Baby that I bought for Chon) a 1975 Red Dress, has long departed from here due to falling hair and there being no available wigs to be bought via the internet in those non-computer days.
    Over the course of my collecting years I had two of the Pintucks dolls and at the same time, a 'play-with/out and about' one who had blue-grey eyes and the other for best/display only' who had brown as I loved their wigged hair. Just enough thickness and length (as many of you know I'm not keen on masses of long hair and much prefer shorter, bobbed hair on our Sasha Dolls!) to style in a variety of different ways.

    PS.Whilst here have just said a little prayer for dear Izzy.

  3. Libby looks lovely posed on her garden bench on a fine Spring day. Her outfit is perfect...cherry and yet warm enough for the remaining night chill. I love the Pinntuck Sasha dolls and my Gertie was a waif Pinnticks in her prior life. Thinking of you Dee and hoping your week is much improved. ❤ xxx

  4. Libby looks lovely in that blue outfit, it really works with her skin tone and hair. I like the brown eyes more than the bright blue that some Sasha's eyes go, are they Pintucks too? I can't remember. But I do like this colour on her. I have always like brown eyes with blond hair.

  5. I love how serene Pintucks always look and Libby is no exception, she looks so smart in her best spring outfit too.
    My Pintucks *waves* at Libby
    My girl was bought brand new from the toy shop in Chester in the 1980's.

  6. Hi Dee your pintucks is lovely and so is her outfit. It is very unusual that her eyes have turned from blue to brown as they are made with brown eyes that turn to blue over time because of the pigment used in the paint.

  7. That is a very classy outfit. It reminds me of the time when there actually was such a thing as fashion in the people world.