Sunday, 5 March 2017


It's now time for the March doll shelves and we have some lovely photos this month.

First up is Viv's new little girl wearing a beautiful spring dress and cardigan and holding her sweet pink bear, she makes you feel that Spring is almost about to blossom.

Next we have Gingers pair of  Markus and Brigitte, another two making us see that spring is coming and we can all look forward to warmer brighter days.

There's some Monkey business going on over at Ursula's this month! A little Pig is claiming to be the designer of their new spring range, the girls are not convinced !

But it's not stopping Ygitte and Eve from trying to decide which they want to wear first!

Karin's Girls are dressed for the still cold weather in lovely Petrana outfits, I love their boots.

 a closer look at their beautiful faces .

Jane's Sasha is getting ready to plant some daffodils now it's Spring and wearing a lovely floral dress

Over in Canada , Carol's girls are getting curls! They've washed their hair put in the pins and are waiting for the hair to dry.

The problem with rollers is you cannot lay down without getting uncomfortable!

So the girls are playing and chatting while they 'dry'

Carol kindly shows us the long view of just where the girls are playing .

One of the doll shelves in the village.

The reading group are gone and Grace is now using the room and looking at her ipad.

Took's very interested in whats on the ipad!

From Ellen Church we have a lovely line up of girls in deep blue and lemon a wonderful combination.

Her boys and girls here are getting ready for some dog walking.

A beautiful spring photo from Ellen C or her girls with a basket of spring flowers plus duck!

These girls are in mauve's and lilac's just like the iris's and crocuses that are starting to blossom in the garden.

From Jane W we have some lovely Sasha's watching the world go by

Here Jane W's girls have just returned from choir practice while a couple of others are having a good old chat

More of jane W's girls looking ready for both winter and spring!

Many thanks to everyone whose sent in their doll shelves for this month, still room for more should you like to join in.



  1. Lovely shelf activities as usual. Pleased to see that Spring is being introduced too.
    I agree with you that that those boots are to die for!
    I know that feeling of not being able to lie down and sleep when you have large sized hair rollers in.

  2. Some lovely lovelies there this month! As usual I haven't got my act together to join in...maybe next month:)

  3. I love seeing the Sasha shelf photos.....thank you so much everyone. And *yippee* Spring is on its way!

  4. Just gorgeous photos - hopefully by next month I'll be able to join in!

  5. Lovely shelf photos once again. It is so nice to see all of the beautiful Sasha dolls. Thank you Dee! 😊 xxx

  6. Lots of lovely shelf photos again this month. And great to see that although the kids are still warmly dressed, they're starting to wear more spring colours. A reminder that spring is on it's way.
    Thanks everyone for sharing their shelves with us!

  7. Lots of eye candy! I particularly like Markus' cardigan. It is very much like traditional cardigans worn by early Kathe Kruse dolls. I hope to knit one for Hans some day when I have the pattern.