Wednesday 22 March 2017


The day , Sunday, is rapidly cooling as the wind picks up and the clouds gather.

Sophie Elizabeth is feeling the chill but determined to get her photos done!

Sophie is wearing a more recent Ruth Hartley double smocked dress that I bought from her site a couple of years back , she's wearing it with a pair of grey jean jensen shoes.

The wind is blowing Sophie Elizabeth's hair across her face!

She is also up by the miniature Japanese cherry tree but on the other side.

Sophie Elizabeth is coping well !

from a distance

The sun is slipping behind the clouds and the chilly wind is getting chillier!

Come along Sophie Elizabeth , let both go and get some hot chocolate.....



  1. Hello Sophie! You look great in that colour.
    Please could you sendsome of mrs, Mum's hot chocolate down the internet line for me? It is freezing here and we've run out.
    Lily Gotz xxxx

    1. Hi Lily
      Oh No! you've run out of hot chocolate! there'd be a mutiny here if that happened! We go through loads in the winter!
      Tell your Mam to go get some more supplies, it's cold out there!
      Sophie E xx

  2. Enjoy your hot chocolate Sophie look smashing in that dress but it is making me cold thinking of you outside without a cardi on!

    1. It's lovely Auntie Jane but it was getting a bit cold before Mum said I could run back indoor, even she felt cold and she had a jacket on! :)

  3. Sophie Elizabeth is a brave Girl enduring the chilly weather to make such a beautiful model in the garden. She, too, looks beautiful in yellow. Her thick blonde hair is particularly lovely and so nice with brown eyes. 😊 xxx

  4. Replies
    1. Oh dear! I so feel for these all poor Gotz dolls when they see/read your comments!

  5. These Ruthsdoll's double smocked dresses have always been popular with us for our Sasha Dolls to wear, though I and my Sasha girls tend to prefer the older, shorter and more fuller skirted designs (of which we are lucky enough to have several of these in our wardrobe) to the later, longer and less fuller versions.
    Sophie Elizabeth looks very Spring-like in this pretty yellow checked smocked dress and we thank you for braving the cold winds to have your photo taken amongst these attractive Spring blossoms.