Sunday, 1 October 2017


Well if you read this blog you will know it's not been a good week in the Owen household with the loss of our handsome happy lad Hamish. We are still adjusting to the fact it all happened so quickly but know we made the right decision for him and that's what counts.

It's now October the 1st! so it's now that  we start getting the final touches ready for the Chat n Snap that's held on the 21st.
This years theme for the display is a Christmas Toy Shop Window, Doll and Teddy section. I have asked people to bring a Sasha/Gregor/toddler/baby dressed in an outfit , that if they'd been a child with their face pressed against that window, they'd have rushed home to ask Santa for that very doll.

Plus also to bring one other non Sasha and or a Teddy, so that we have a nice variety of other dolls and bears.

I'm really looking forward to seeing all the different dolls and teddies that will be attending.

The second of my two ochre eyed girls arrived and here she is with her sister Sienna. I may need to buy a redhead..... :)

I also had another couple of non Sasha dolls arrive.

This 19 inch Schoenhut girl arrived, shown here with Edward so you can see her size. Her wig which is real hair but not original was filthy ! When I washed it I could not believe how dirty the water was and was a lovely golden brown appeared once clean!

Here she is after her wash and with a change of clothes. The hat is holding her hair down while it reshapes to her head. I did try her with other wigs but I love her with this short straight look, hopefully I'll be able to keep this wig as it's a nightmare trying to get something that will give you the same look!.
When I bought her I was going to call her Margery after Margery Fish whose garden we visited as we were away in Somerset when she came up for sale but by the time she arrived the name Vita, after Vita Sackville West , another gardener's name, had popped into my head, so at present she's called Vita - Margery but I'm sure she'll land up just being one or the other.

Also on the Schoenhut doll front I've been wanting a large boy doll and so was delighted when a really nice large boy appeared, so of course he was purchased and he also arrived this week. This lad I knew would need a new wig as the one he is wearing looks like fuzzy felt! and is disintegrating! It may be old but it's not original so it can go!

I have bought him a nice real hair wig , I just hope it suits him when it arrives! He is called Monty short for Montacute , another place we visited while away. Although his outfit fits and suits him well. My Schoenhut doll family are timed for the forties and fifties, so he's having a nice pair of cord trousers made for him and I'll be making him a sweater.
He is 23 inches tall.

Here he is beside his younger sister  Vita- Margery for size. He's had his wig removed and had a good wash and just awaits he's wig and change of clothes.

On the home front we have booked a builder/landscaper to come and replace our awful old patio in December. We made it that late as first we need to take down the outhouse and remove the old patio, which we cannot do until November once the Chat n Snaps done.
Plus it gives us time to decide on which colour stone we will have.. such a hard decision as once it's down that it's! We'd originally asked for Rectory paving like we have outside Paul' s workshop, which is a dark grey.
But we were also tempted by the natural stone paving that's available in various colours. We could have grey or Modac  ( red) or Autumn green.
Our patio is 34 ft by 22 ft so a big area, so the stone needs to look right! Yesterday we went out and bought three pieces of the two colours we were considering. Laid them down and will try and decide

Autumn green at the top and Modac below. I took this photo just now, we are due to have a few wet and windy days. We had considered mixing two colours, these two, but now we are going towards having just the one and maybe the autumn green at the top. You can see that as it's natural stone there will be a big difference in some of the stones in the same colour but that's why we are to looking at this paving as the area is big and I'm not sure I'd like it a mass of one pure colour.
The red is reminding us too much of the red and yellow paving that's already down and looks so bad now.

I will be continuing my clearing out of the dolls clothes boxes as and when I get time but first I need to get things sorted for the 21st.

So wishing everyone who has a birthday this month a wonderful day, It's Paul and his Dad's today, and hoping you all have a great month ahead , I just need to remind you that Doll shelf day is back in it's rightful place on the 5th, so please send in those photos so they can be shared with others.



  1. Your ochre eyed girls look lovely together and the new Schoenhut dolls are wonderful. Margery sounds very English; Vita sounds very exciting. As you love gardening Vita would be my choice. There's so much happening in your garden! New paving! I like the look of the multi colour; top centre. You have some real decisions to make with the paving and doll names :) Jane

  2. A very happy birthday Paul. Hope that Denise has allowed you to spend the day where you love the most...outside in the garden.

    Afraid that I can't help with the choosing of the colour for the new patio slabs as am no good at trying to visualise a small sample to occupy a large space... (but I do know that I'd keep that useful little outhouse that is so reminiscent of your house era. I know that you say that it blocks the garden view from your lounge...BUT does that really matter when most of your time is spent out in the garden anyway.)

    Two lovely new Gotz Sasha ochre eyed girls.

    Wishing everyone whose birthday is in October a very happy day.

  3. First up, I am so sorry to read about Hamish. My heart goes out to you and your family.
    You have been spending again you little tinker :) I think you should have this month as your STOPTOBER month (Doll purchasing division!)
    Happy Birthday to Paul and to every one who has a two boys have birthdays no dolls for me.....!!

  4. Your ochre eyed girls make beautiful sisters. I remember seeing the lovely Amber on Shelly's site and thinking she wouldn't last long. I love your paving stone choice.

  5. An interesting mix this Sunday, tinged understandably with your sadness about Hamish. Your newest additions to the Sasha and Schoenhut collections seem right for the autumnal season - hair colour especially. Vita/Margery's new dress is very pretty, I see Hattie the fashion guru has ensured that she has an appropriately matching hat (and shoes).

  6. Lovethe new dolls! Especially like the Schoenhut boy. And I prefer the Autumn green slabs.