Sunday, 15 October 2017


So soon! Time flies when you are having fun or so they say! And it also flies when you are working and just living life!
It's been a nice calm week ,working and pottering and leaving things to the last minute! That's me not Paul!

Paul gave all the display stands a couple of coats of white emulsion , they are now finished and just waiting for the day.

He also finished making some doll stands for those dolls that may have iffy stringing and need a little help to stand up right without behaving like skittles and taking out most of the dolls around them.

 most are for single dolls with a few for two dolls.


For my part I have made the pillow and the mattress for the dolls bed.

 and now need to make the sheets, pillow case, blanket and top cover. Just need to stop doing everything else under the sun and  get on with it! Especially as it's given me a good idea for a blog post!!

On the doll front I have been taking part in a small knit along, with myself and a few friends knitting the same Sasha sweater .

I finished mine over a week ago and just needed to sew up the sleeves, which I finally did last night, so here's my version of the pattern. It was the first time I'd ever knitted from the top down and found it much easier than I expected.

It still needs a couple of things finished, like poppers on the back to close it but I'll be taking it along on one of the dolls to the Chat n Snap where the others who have also taken part will be bring theirs and I'll get a photo of them all together.
I do like the design not to sure that the patterns written correctly but will definitely be knitting either this one again or something similar.

There are no Sasha's on the horizon but a few other types of dolls have been winging there way to the village.

This is one of them, a Customised Blythe doll . at the beginning of the year I spoke to Sharon in Spain about customising a Blythe for me. She kindly agreed and then it was a case of finding the right one  and then Sharon working her talented magic.

So this is the result, Zara Ziggy Stardust a OOAK by Sharon H who I have to say I absolutely love!
Sharon changed a couple of the eye chips, one set of which you can see in the above photo, re carved her mouth, philtrum etc and then gave her a new faceup ( paint job)
I also had her cut the hair shorter and I tweaked it a little more when she arrived. I am so happy with her and thank Sharon for agreeing to take on my commission.

Now Paul's finished his part of the Chat n Snap display he's moved back onto the folly building, so it's moved on a little.

Part of the window's now in and another section of the arched door column.

So slowly but surely it all continues.

There are still roses flowering in the garden, this one is Lady Emma Hamilton a David Austin rose.

So I will end here as I truly cannot keep ignoring the bedding that needs making! Not if I want to be sitting pretty next Friday night!

So enjoy the week ahead.



  1. Wow! Things just keep moving along in the village. You and Paul have done some great work. The folly just gets better looking all of the time. The mattress and and pillow are perfect and I just love the sweater; such a beautiful pattern and colors.

  2. Looks like things are moving on-wards and upwards over there! Good luck for the CnS on Saturday. Sorry that I can't be there!

  3. WOW you have been mega busy whilst I've been loitering away from my laptop.
    Glad to know that you're happy with the new girl, it was a pleasure to do her for you xxx