Monday, 23 October 2017


Linda Simpson's sales table.

The other side of her table.

The end of her table.

Judith Dolly Doodles table.


still doodling..

still doodling...

Diane Dukes and Granny Peggy's sales goodies..

another look... view

Noreen's shoes and a fabulous Np Blonde on offer...

plus these gorgeous red heads!

Jane Woodward's wonderful cashmere knits

and more..

Jane Denham's table...

a closer look..


Jane's knitting for Sasha pattern book, I have one , just need to use it!

Julian and Liz's table

Waiting to make them sales..

Chris Meatyard's goodies..

 and more..

Dawn's dolls sales table..

Marilyn Hopkiss's sales table 

More of Marilyn's beautiful dresses

Michelle's wonderful dresses and some cats that actually meowed!

 and Ginny's wonderful goodies .

There were so many Raffle prizes we had to use two tables.

The first ticket out belonged to Michelle who picked the Gregor in the lovely Doll Doodles outfit.

these are only some of the prizes and more an more were added.

I forgot to take any final photos of everything but these were the early donations. The raffle raised £600 exactly.



  1. Fabulous photos, Dee! Everything looks, what would I have bought first. I would have made a bee line for that little red pram. Then I would have visited every table. Really amazing things on offer. Beautiful work by all of the makers! Just love looking at everything. Lovely quality items that are not available where I am. Congratulations to everyone for such a successful event. I need to save up and come next year....Carol from Canada

    1. Thanks Carol. There was so much to chose from, I was being good , so only bought a few items but now I'm thinking... I wonder if they'll make me one if I
      And yes you need to save up and come along next year and join in :) We'd love to see you again , Dee

  2. Wonderful photos Dee...what a lot of temptation ....

  3. So many nice things! Wish I could have been there.

  4. Having seen all these superb Sasha goodies I'm now feeling even sadder (...if that is possible!) that I was unable to come.
    Congratulations on hosting another marvellous Cn'S!

  5. It certainly was lots of temptation. My girl would have loved one of Dawn's dolls but we weren't in the market for a doll until that baby waif from Jane's table unexpectedly found his way home with us at the last minute... (he is getting some hair treatment by a young hairdresser, the kind of treatment I wouldn't let her apply to her minty blond baby).

  6. Looks like everyone had a great time, well how could they fail to enjoy themselves with such a lot of lovely goodies on sale!
    And a great amount raised on the raffle for a very good cause. Well done Dee and family!!