Thursday, 19 October 2017


Well it will soon be time for the Chat n Snap and it's been like Christmas round here with parcels and boxes arriving for the event.

These are the latest items to arrive. At the top left a beautiful smocked dress in pink gingham by Kath Barnett  along with some pink tights both donated by Lel Shaw. In the middle is a dungaree set made and donated by Ginny of A Passion for Sasha and then the chairs , baby and baby clothes have been donated by Ronnie Crouch.
People are so generous.

I also asked Ginny from A Passion for Sasha , to send along a few items we could sell for her as she is unable to attend this year and I know people would miss their APFS fix ! So she's sent along all the above to sell on the day.

Judith of Dolly Doodles kindly offered to dress poor Gregor , so he won't have to stand in only a fig leaf and a smile , while waiting for his new Mum/Dad on the day. She's sent this photo of his gorgeous outfit!

He's going to be one handsome lad , once his dressed for success!

Well I've made the sheets and pillow case and once I finish playing on the computer I'll piece together the blanket and top cover. So almost on time!

On another front , Paul spotted this moth? butterfly? in the gazebo on an old sun umbrella, if anyone know what it is, we'd love to know. It's the first time we've seen this one and after seeing the Hummingbird hawk moth it appears the wildlife are doing well in the garden which is wonderful!

It looks like a leaf ! Such an unusual looking thing, be interesting to know exactly what it is!!



  1. I am so excited about Saturday.......and gosh! How kind people are.
    And I would guess that is a Comma butterfly because of the white mark on the underwing.

    1. Only one day to go! People are so generous.
      Thanks for naming the butterfly, I've been to look in up seems they like nectar rich gardens, so that's nice to know!
      See you tomorrow!

  2. What a very strange looking moth! Mother Nature is wonderful :)
    As are all the lovely prize donors for the raffle!