Sunday, 8 October 2017


A full and busy week for me, had to work everyday!  and it will continue to be busy but on a more interesting level as it's now only 12 days  till the Chat n Snap takes place!

So I am trying to get my act together early! I am determined that this year on Friday night before the event I will be sitting relaxing with everything that's needed for the day placed in bags and boxes and waiting to be loaded into the car in the morning and taken to the Hall.
Not my usual still on the go at midnight finishing things!

And to that end Paul, who without his wonderful help I'd not be able to have such nice settings , is making the staging I need for the dolls to be displayed on.

This is the scene outside as I type this post.

There will be four of these stands which are 3ft long by 18 inches high, three of which I'd like to sell on at the end of the Chat n Snap, so as to recover the cost so it does not have to come out the event costs. They will be on sale for £25. So anyone who is coming and is interested let me know.
They will be as shown , without the glue running down the sides of course, they are still in production! and if I have time I may paint them with a couple of coats of white emulsion.

Because Paul's now working on the Chat n Snap items no works happened on the folly this weekend, so it's just waiting for his time.

The bottom stone for the tracery window is sitting in place waiting for his return. The plastic bag is over the archway stone to stop any rain filling up the inside.

Now before you say well Paul's working away , what is Dee doing! Well to start with I had to move  all these from the carport 200 ft down the garden to the side of the folly!

Since I can only pull the sack barrow up the steps that are in the garden with 12 bricks on, it took quite a few runs to get them all down here!.
And there are loads more to move due to the Patio being replaced in December!

This is what is awaiting my attention later today, the making of a mattress and bedding for this antique metal bed from the late 1890's, which I'm going to use in the display with a studio doll in bed reading to a Sasha baby doll , the story The night before Christmas.
I went out yesterday and bought some foam for the mattress and some quilting material for the top cover.

Meanwhile Monty received his new wig which I am really happy with. It's real hair and I think suits him well.


 After ! He's wearing a sweater that's too small for him in the arms and body but will do until I can start a new one for him. I think he looks like a real boy now.

Paul passed by as I was taking Monty's photo and he was most indignant on Monty's behalf and told me to find the lad some trousers! Since he's the biggest doll I own this is somewhat a tall order!

We've decided to go with just one colour of the natural paving stone which is the Autumn green. Now we just have to tell the landscaper.

Also at some stage between now and the end middle of November we need to dig up this flower border.

The shrubs at the back and sides will stay where they are but the planting in front needs clearing and replacing but so does the back fence! So it's a never ending list of things to do with only the weekends to do them now the nights are drawing in.
I think anything indoors will have to wait until the new year to get done as we'll still be doing our outside jobs right up until the end of the year I think.

On the Sasha front, the clearing out as come to a slight halt, while I deal with other issues. I did sort out some dresses for Halloween ready to redress some of the girls, now I just need to find which box I put them in to keep them out the way!!

You can see by this shelf photo that the girls are in desperate need of a change of clothes especially poor Magda my button nosed girl who is even missing her shoes!

So to that end I'll leave you all . to go make some lunch then find the missing clothes , then start making the bedding...

Have a great week and I hope to do some more posts in the week.

The finished staging.

you can have it tall  and slim or

short and wide.



  1. I'm out of breath just reading about all of this activity. It's been raining here off and on all week and I would just be happy if it would dry out long enough to get the lawn mowed. I love Monty's new wig. Perhaps you could just fashion a toga for him until you find some suitable trousers. It could be his Halloween costume.

    1. I know! It seems like everything needs doing ! So much to do and so little time before the really cold weather gets here and the nights get dark! We'll either get it done or it will have to wait until the spring!
      Mowing the grass! that's another job that needs doing!

      I asked Monty if he'd like a toga while he awaits his trousers ? He said in this English climate! Now when he was in Rome.... ! I may put him in a sheet and tell him to go haunt something! at least that will protect his legs!

  2. Monty looks so smart in his new wig. I hope he won't catch a cold!
    Your folly is growing very fast - but I can imagine it was hard work to haul all those bricks down your garden.

    1. I do think it suits him, I think he'll be fine for a while as he was an adventurer he tells me on his travels!
      It is , I wish Paul could carry on with it but so many other jobs need doing before the weather gets colder!
      It's not too bad moving the bricks but quite tiring.:)

  3. So it's 'Busy, busy, busy' then at the Sasha Village!

    1. It is! and it's going to stay that way for a while yet!

  4. Looks like it's all go in your house Dee! The displays look great, as does the work on the folly!
    I really do hope that you can stick to your plan and not be up working till all hours the night before the CnS!

    1. It is ! Paul's done a great job on the display stands :) The folly is getting to the really interesting part ! Shame we have to stop for a couple of weekends but we'll get there!
      So do I ! Just need to make sure this coming weekend I get it all sorted! xxx