Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Well hopefully tomorrow I can return to blogging properly! I was able to put Margaret on because I'd loaded the blog post ready to add before the internet went missing! But cannot add any photos due to the amount of space they use up!

Sadly it means I'll miss Halloween but there's always next year! in one way it's been good not having much access but in another ,I've immediately remembered all the things I need to do that needs the Internet! What was life like before we could travel round the world from our living room , talk on the phone while wandering down the street! ( this I have to say I don't do, my phone gets turned on very rarely when I'm not at work) we've said we'll have an Internet free day each week..... Only time will tell if that happens!


  1. I seem never to blog regularly enough to make it worthwhile. And my ADHD gets in the way - rarely finish a project any more. I live in incredibly tiny quarters now. If I set up my sewing machine, I will not have space to cook or eat! But I miss sewing a lot. Knitting just doesn't get me a project fast enough to make it worth while. Knitting big people projects uses yarn that is so much thicker that I can complete a project in a couple of day@! and when I sit down to sew, I cut out several outfits one day and sew them all up over the following two days and TaDa!
    Until later,

  2. Honestly!!! Sorry!!! I for one can't see you EVER having an 'internet free' day a week!