Tuesday 24 July 2018


Due to having to work this coming Saturday I had today off as toil. So I finally had a nice lie in, the first in weeks since Rufus arrived.

Still too hot to wander about outside ,unless it's very early morning or late evening, I missed the first and it's still a few hours to the evening cool.

So I thought I would show you two dresses I received for my bjd dolls. I know it's not Sasha but thought you'd appreciate the beautiful dresses.

When my friends came for a doll playday in June , Jane very kindly gave me this dress for my Kaye Wiggs girls. The dress is made by Jane, a very talented seamstress. When I realised that I'd be adding another girl to my KW girls, I decided to save it for her.
So Elora's been wearing it for the last couple of days while waiting for other items to arrive for her.

Then this morning the post lady delivered a small parcel for me. Inside was a gift from my friend Jenni, for my birthday.

This is the amazing outfit that was revealed when I opened the box. Beautiful fabric with lots of detail and beadwork. I decided That Elora could try it on first as she was at hand.I'm going to try it on some of my other bjd girls to see who it suits most.
I've added a post about this dress and the detailing on my Dolly Dreaming blog which you can find on the side bar.

I have to thank two wonderful friends for their kindness and generosity in gifting me these beautiful dresses.
I'm feeling very spoilt at the moment.



  1. Oh they are both very beautiful dresses and how extra nice it is to be gifts from friends. Elora looks lovely in both of them. A short but oh so sweet post. 😊 xxx

    1. They are Ginger. It is very nice to receive such unexpected gifts. Glad you enjoyed seeing them :) xx

  2. WOW those are very beautiful dresses Dee, congratulations on such lovely gifts. They do really suit Elora too, are you sure that she'll be able to give them up if you try them on anyone else?
    I hope your week isn't proving to unbearable and that the heat has cooled off a bit....and that the aircon has been fixed at work.